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    I have been an avid achievement hunter since 2006 and worked my way up to nearly 200,000.
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    Powerlifting, Weight Training, Zombies, Achievements, Resident Evil

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  1. For anyone hoping to get the league achievement on this game, sell it. The servers for league play are shut down as of October 2012. I had 100,000gs with perfect score for online games, I unlocked a crappy 5gs achievement for building a team and this is an incomplete now. How awesome is that? Fucking lame. STAY AWAY. REPORT THIS ON THE INCOMPLETE LIST
  2. I didn't want to comment on this since the thread is old, but it was still on page one anyways in the 6 most recent posts for this game, so what the heck.. This game has always irked me on the 970, and I'd love for it to be upgraded to 1000gs but at this point in time, I don't think it will ever happen. I just wonder how this ever happened to begin with. I don't think any other retail game on the 360 ever had this type of thing happen. Why this game?
  3. Does this disable achievements? I want to play this game and will do this if it works out OK.
  4. I need everything online. Send me a MSG at "Spencer Estate" if someone starts a party.
  5. I'm looking to get all online achievements. Send me a message at "Spencer Estate" if you'd like to knock these out in 1 session.
  6. Count me in! Send me a msg at "Spencer Estate" once there's enough people!
  7. @MaseJ that does sound like an interesting plan. I will be going about it with myself for tonight to see how far I can get vs. myself. We'll see what happens. I'd be up for the 6 man idea in the future unless someone has already tried it and let's us know if it's a waste of time or not?
  8. I have an e-fed that I run called QZW which is livestreamed on Twitch.tv each Tuesday like a real wrestling show. If you want to check us out come to http://www.zombspawn.com and take a peak. We have 3 pages of content on CC right now if you search for "QZW" and I am getting ready to make a ton of paint tools live on my stream soon. If you drop by let us know your from x360a, we'll give you a shout out
  9. Hey guys I just checked back on this thread. Thanks for backing me up on the "loser" comments. If maxing out all WWE games since 2007 makes me a loser, than I'm a huge loser TYVM. More and more insight is coming out on the whole XP thing, and I've found that I believe the total you need to rack up is "1,116,250 (something close to that" according to Big Bad Z in another thread who is currently #3 on the leaderboards. Anybody had the honors of getting this achievement yet? Or found a fool proof way to do it the easiest for the most XP? I've decided I'm just going to boost for it the entire way through. The 3 ranking achievements are all that's left for me on this video game. Also, yeah me and my friend were in a private chat and we adjusted the settings and told each other when to search. We found each other just about every single time within seconds.
  10. This better not be glitched. I have a perfect account with all achievements accountable for. I'll be damned if a WWE game and THQ ruins that for me.
  11. I did some digging and according to this webpage, the highest rank for online is 15. This is based on PS3, but I'm quite sure it's the same for 360. http://www.ps3trophies.org/forum/wwe-13/177844-online-rankings.html According to this, a total of 860,000 XP is needed for the final achievement. By that estimate, 600-800 matches at 1000XP + will do it. (20-30 second Steel cage matches in my case) Reminds me of "The Outfit" online boosting sessions all over again.
  12. They took that away in last year's game unfortunately. It sucks. There was one mask on '12 that allowed you to still use hair but I forget which one it was. I'm not sure if they added it back in '13 but if they did you probably wouldn't be asking this question then so I assume not. You can also use the Tiger Mask mask hair as a mask accessory and it will show up on the outside of the mask.
  13. Find the next championship match on the card you want to cash in for, and press A to open the menu up. There should be an option on there asking if you want to cash in for the match. Just accept, and it should play the MITB cash in cutscene followed by the match. I did this twice for both brand's World Titles.
  14. I used HBK with infinite finishers against Mysterio as a CPU in a 1v1 match. Irish whip Mysterio into the corner, grapple him up onto the top rope and stand back about 4 feet away from the corner. The CPU will jump off the top rope towards you. Hardest part is timing the Y button down perfectly, but if you miss it, just set him back on the top rope again.
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