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  1. GT Daritan. Looking to boost on line achievements. Msg if interested.
  2. Trying to clean up backlog. Contact GT Daritan if interested.
  3. Daritan


    Anyone out there still playing this?
  4. Add me into any boosting going on. Teamwork and leveling grind is what I still need but will help with anything. GT- Daritan
  5. Missing 'A Civilian's Guide to Time Travel' in the Bradbury Swimming Pool. Its on a desk behind the time machine to the left.
  6. GT- Daritan Just finished Single Player and am in desperate need for help multi player. Am trying to get Strike from the Skies specifically so if anyone can help me day or night in the next few days please message me.
  7. Of course figured it out an hour after I posted, was looking at it completely backwards. Complete facepalm moment. Disregard.
  8. Okay, I've been trying this level for almost two weeks. Anybody have any tips I can use to solve it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Okay, just got this one. On the upper two rings of the track make a trail to the dynamite from the track, also make a trail from the upper right ring to the barrel in the lower right. Set up a barrel and trail across the track to near the safe. Now here's the part that took me forever. Set off the plunger and wait. All the coal carts will eventually light up. Then and only then put your second barrel on the tracks where it can destroy your final pig and propel the cart to the safe. The 4 coal carts in the lower right ring will relight the cart on its way to the safe. Now I just need to figure out 3-25 and I can go on to the dlc.
  10. Okay, I finally got around to putting a few days of work into this game and finishing it. Got all the constumes leveled, got the achievement. Got to level 100... nothing. Finished leveling my last weapon... still nothing. Days of work and no achievement to show for it. Does anyone have an idea how to fix this or even whom I can complain too? lol
  11. same as everyone before me. Looking to get the multiplayer achievements so I can send this back to gamefly and get something more fun. GT-Daritan, hit me up if anyone is going for achievements.
  12. Looking to start getting into the multiplayer aspects of the game if any are looking for another. Daritan
  13. Anyone looking for another to boost for the multiplayer achievements drop me a line. Have barely done anything so far so I'm up for anything.
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