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  1. I'm looking to boost "running the show" for general rank. I've got about 300,000 now. I can do 33,000 points in 30 minutes. Add me, my GT is yamabara
  2. I heard some people online say there is not going to be anymore server support for Halo Wars soon. I can't seem to find any info on the net. Is this just a rumor? I heard a few different people say it's supposed to happen in a few months. Anyone have any info?
  3. yamabara

    Gameplay video

    seems you ended up hating this game after getting it... care to explain?
  4. wait, are you saying then that you cannot actually get the 1000 points the disc ships with unless you buy and download new content? I'm pretty sure that goes against Microsoft's policy. I've got this game coming in the mail... really hope they don't expect me to buy more content in order to get the 1000 every retail game must ship with.
  5. yeah, beautiful katamari was really fun and you'll get all achievements if you just keep playing and enjoying the game.
  6. yeah, i'm sorry. i made a mistake. i bought oblivion here in japan and it says "GAME OF THE YEAR" on it. but it's just advertising that the game won game of the year, not that it is the GOTY edition. sorry for the mix-up. seems a bit misleading to put that on the cover though eh? i guess i should have read the back more closely
  7. you know what should have been a franchise? seaman. that was such a fun game. i haven't seen many games like that (unique, innovative, not main stream) for the 360. would love to. i ordered a simulation aquarium game only available here in japan... we'll see how it is. i'm sure the fish won't talk though
  8. am i the only one disappointed by this game? the story is nice (deciding how things are going to turn out) and in-conversation character models are good, but after that... man. the UI is terrible and cheap looking, like it was done in paint, and the textures look like they cost 5 dollars to make. the game itself looks like a joke in my opinion. i can't place my finger on it exactly, but the whole thing just feels like a mod your nerdy college roommate cobbled together. like there's no polish, detail, richness, thought. it just doesn't strike me as a professional release. just blank areas and bad textures as far as the eye can see. isn't anyone else surprised that bioware, after releasing something like mass effect, could do something like this? remember how two worlds was compared to oblivion? well this is like two worlds, and mass effect is like oblivion. what gives?
  9. it's Japanese to the core. they're all about the group. anyway, i have this game now, send me a message if you want to boost the online achievements...
  10. pants, can you change the main list and take oblivion off there? i got the japan goty oblivion and it is not stackable. it showed me already having all of the achievements.
  11. yamabara

    Game Info

    i speak japanese and they just say "the _____ egg has hatched." basically get all the diffrent types of fish to hatch out of eggs, plus there is one or two achievements about hours played, like 100 or 200 if i remember right. i'll edit this post if i go back it it's different than i remember. getting ready to buy this game, it sounds fun.
  12. trying to get general rank. it's the last achievement i need. I can help you with anything else you need after that though. looking to do like 30,000 exp per match, will only need around ten or so matches to unlock that way. message me anytime, my gamertag is yamabara
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