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  1. http://www.amazon.com/Insanely-Twisted-Shadow-Planet-Download/dp/B00AR03O6U Propably last chances to get it cheap, though I have no clue how big their stock is for it.
  2. Well that's because gfwl store is closed and pretty much everything else is steam/steam codes and gfwl is removed from there, amazon is one (or only?) of last places where you can still get gfwl code, and currently it's down to 2,99$.
  3. That's propably old problem from ages ago on this site. you should find info by searching. But in short, delete game completely from your list, and then add again.
  4. Or blow up both cars, problem solved. Worked for me and did bit testing for that. If there is only 1 car spawned at mission start, you should have no freezing, but if there is 2 then there is problem, that can be sorted by blowing them up.
  5. If at mission start there is two cars spawned, destroy those and continue with mission.
  6. On rockstar support forum Redders_1984 says make new save to empty slot, exit, start game again, dont select continue but load up manually your save. He said he then had only one car spawning then and it worked. Now I had similar problems with Home Coming mission, and based on my experience and few test runs, for some reason problem comes with two car spawning. If I had only one car spawned at mission start, or I blew up both cars at beginning - no freezing. I don't know if you can blow cars in Sweet Girl mission or do you have to actually use one for mission, but try that.
  7. Got 'em all done now, no help needed anymore.
  8. It does not delete your saves. BUT when recovering, you will get new live key (that is used in folder name for saves) on your comp, so game does not recognize saves as they are in differently named folder. You need to start game from scratch, play until it autosaves or you can manually save and then quit back to windows. Find save location and copy files from old profile folder to new profile folder. Usually saves go to documents, sometimes they are in normally hidden files under user/appdata etc, but you can usually find location by googling about it.
  9. gt: Zalexzy pawn: Mary At moment Level 90 Female mage, with healing + fire + ice If you send me friend request, please also send message explaining why (like: DD or dragons dogma will do) as I dont accept random friend requests.
  10. And now game crashes on main screen. Great. Checking reviews, there are peeps having same problem. After uninstall and re-install, it works couple days again and same problem. And of course you lose your progress if you do that.
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