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  1. wtf??? u mean the cosplayer cheevo, right?
  2. ah, nevermind!! sry, i see it has no awards
  3. hi, i heard that this game got avatar awards?? can anybody comfirm that??
  4. Played the level 10 more times, found all areas, talked to every willikin and still no achievment..... It must be glitched and that sucks cause its the last cheevo to get 1000/1000 Dammit
  5. Yep i got them, its seraphin in both caves!!! Its pissing me off cause its the last achievment i need. There is a ghost in a house but i cant talk to it, is it possible that i talk to him??
  6. I played this level about 10 times and im pretty sure that i talked to all of them, but i got no cheevo!!! Whould be cool if someone help me out or explain what im doing wrong!! This is the last achievment i need so please help me out!! Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english
  7. The achievments for ep. 5 are already up so we can play it when its on the marketplace!!!
  8. o_O wow a very tough choice at the beginning, a lot one on one conversations, the biggest zombie fight ever , at the ending we will cry and the epilogue will get us shocked!!!! Thats more than i expected, damn i cant wait now.... Fuckin 24 hrs of waiting.....
  9. Holy shit , this is awesome!!! But why are Gaystation owner gettin it today?!? That sucks....
  10. I found this on an german website!!! Is ot just me or does the man on the screenshoot looks like a known person? :-P http://www.gamepro.de/playstation/spiele/ps3/the-walking-dead-episode-5-no-time-left/news/the_walking_dead,48957,3006772.html Sry 4 my bad english
  11. Yesterday, telltale tweeted that its definately coming on nov. 21 So just 1 week left till we can play the Finale!!! Cant wait, im so fuckin excited :-P
  12. Yah, they are easy but there are some level specivic, and missable ones!!! Some guides for collectibles and the challenges whould be awesome, The first one was easy too but it has an awesome guide and roadmap!!!
  13. So if no one got a guide ill start doing one now
  14. So, theres no guide for the game?? Found nothing.... This game deserves a guide
  15. I had the same problem, just finish one mission ALONE ON LEGENDARY ( mission 4 called sacred is the best choose ) and ur achievments will pop!!!! I hope it helped u
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