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  1. I won't be picking it up if getting 1000/1000 isn't remotely feasible. Single player difficulty is a non-issue unless a problematic achievement is really THAT hard. How troublesome are the online-only achievements? I saw that there was an offline alternative to obtain Ruler, which helps. Is Overlord as much of a pain in the ass as I think it is? What about the invasion/conquest/territory stuff? The mercenary ones SEEM easy enough... I have a single friend with the game, so I'm imagining we can boost these with each other. In fact, I did play a little on his game, but couldn't really find a way to buy better parts other than the single upgrades offered in the shop. I'm assuming more are unlocked as Story/Order missions are completed? What exactly does buying workshops do? I'm a fan of heavy firepower and huge damage, is additional weapon load really worth it once I start getting higher end parts, or is a high-mobility bipedal the way to go as usual? Are all the quad legs ugly as sin? I was kind of hoping for a sleek set of legs more comparable to a spider than a horse, haha~ Anything else achievement-related(obtainability-wise) that I should know about? Apologies for having so many questions, but I'd like to have a good idea of what I'm getting into before I delve too deep and screw up my chance of 100% completion ratio. Thanks in advance.
  2. Been digging around, but can't seem to find too much info about it. Was hoping somebody here would know, or have personal experience to confirm. I have achievements on plain SSF4. Assuming I pick up SSF4 Arcade Edition on disc instead of downloading the DLC patch since it's cheaper in the long run, does it use a different achievement list than the one I've already worked on? Basically, I wouldn't want to have to spend time clearing arcade with everyone again or playing so many matches online; just looking to finish what I've started. The other thing would be online records, specifically regarding the C to Shining C achievement. I've taken a good majority of the cast to C Rank, and I'm wary about losing all of that progress with the switch because most of that work wasn't boosted. I think I read something about being able to transfer your online records from SSF4? Thanks in advance for taking the time to respond.
  3. Your highest score is saved in your phone, regardless of what save you're using. There's no need to replay any of the golds you've already acquired. So, yes, you can start a new game, and second game will already have the awards for what you've already done for the difficulties you've completed it on. If you change to a difficulty level you haven't played, you will be able to replay all the stages you've been through on previous games, but it will show 0 score and a bronze trophy until you beat it on that difficulty.
  4. Finally, 1000/1000. Last BT was Faize's 3000 battles. Honestly, it feels unreal and awfully anticlimactic. I wasn't really excited finishing up either; rather, I was falling asleep at the Colosseum desk. After the achievement popped, the sense of accomplishment was dwarfed by a sensation of relief. I put my head back and dozed off 15 minutes or so. I thought I dreamed about actually acquiring the achievement when I came to, actually. XD Good luck to any others looking to complete this time vampire. It isn't for the faint of heart.
  5. Congrats. I feel your pain. 990/1000 here, only missing Ultimate Battler. Trophy count as of today is 29 for Faize, 99 for Myuria, and 100 on everyone else. Kill an enemy with only poison damage is all I need before I start a Faize solo run and finish everything up. Went to disc 3 to mop up the Demonology drops/Demon kills/etc, then IC the poison/Earth element rod on the way back.
  6. Edit: Got it. 250/250. For those that still need the Zande replay, only the first round in tournaments count, otherwise you can do it in player match or whatever.
  7. Nevermind. Got a boosting partner IRL.
  8. EDIT: Special thanks to Gwillstar for being my partner for the aggravating 2P Trials. Good luck to everyone on beating Tick Tick Boom and Ascension.
  9. Looking to boost Last One Standing next Thursday, October 6th, at 12 noon, PST (GMT-8). If you're interested in doing it, copy/paste the Sign-up Sheet and add your gamertag to the list. It doesn't necessarily have to stop at 3 people, but 3 is the minimum. Let's try to make this work. Sign-up Sheet: 1. DXM Cake 2. Gwillstar 3. Afterward, if anyone needs any of the other achievements, I can help with those too, including Spellslinger. Talk to me on XBL or shoot me a PM if you'd prefer a different time/day.
  10. A big thanks to jnich87 for helping me get: Spellslinger Duelist Duels Master
  11. It's not just Blazblue, I'm pretty sure it has to do with how the site works in general when they add DLC achievements to the list. Try removing the game from My Checklists, then re-adding all of your achievements again. It should fix the problem - worked for me anyway.
  12. Anybody have any good methods? Haven't gotten around to getting online yet so I'm not sure if this is even doable, but I'm going to assume the fastest involves the Battle Mode gametype - the one with the emeralds. Player A(going for the achievement) sits on an item block(don't even remember if this is necessary?) and fires gloves at Player B who is probably stuck in a corner or something to prevent from moving too far when they get hit(because I assume hitting them moves them a little). I want to confirm if this works, for one. Two, I'd like to know if people have any time-efficient methods for getting this achievement. Not particularly interested in "Oh, well, I just did versus and shot people and eventually got it, etc. etc." I'm looking for a full bang for your buck method where time isn't wasted because this game already does a good job of that on a number of other achievements.
  13. I think the key issue with labeling this as a 2/10 difficulty is that since the game barely even needs a roadmap(do other modes before Crazy Box is all you'd basically garner - though, the videos are helpful), there's nothing else to look at aside from the difficulty being glaringly wrong. Personally, I was pretty good at Crazy Taxi back in the day, so I expected no problem with this game. I relived the nightmares of Crazy Bowling and... 2-S(I think this was it, the one where you deliver a bunch of chicks to different corners of the zigzag surrounded by water). Regardless, this guide needs to be fixed or maybe the creator needs to actually read what's inside in the Overview section instead of copy pasta from another roadmap and plugging variables. Most people aren't this ridiculous at gaming. 2 hours is possible, but it would basically mean not screwing up on any of the Crazy Box stages - my time was 3 hours, which, to be quite honest, is fairly extreme and I had maybe 15~ restarts. Anyway, there is nothing APPROXIMATE about that number. That number is absolute minimum. Difficulty, as stated before, is also an issue. This game is not 2/10. This game is not comparable to the difficulty of X-Men Arcade. It requires a decent amount of execution, and maybe a little practice, but nothing so unreasonable as to make it exceedingly nail-bitingly difficult. The harder Crazy Boxes are very short, and usually all it takes is a lucky run. To me, I'd place it at a solid 4/10, which may even be too generous, considering how much prior experience I've had with the game.
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