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  1. Its not cheating, its a way to solve a problem. Especially for people who don't like playing with randoms. However, I wouldn't recommend asking that question over on the Microsoft message boards. I remember asking (before I found out about this site) if anyone wanted to get together to get some achievements in BF2:MC. It was near impossible to get 4 guys to stand together so I could kill them with a mortar strike. There was no teamwork so it was mostly unachievable. Boy did I get holy hell, even threatened to report me for cheating. Luckily there was one brave guy who mentioned this site and I never looked back.
  2. I still think Alpha Protocol is one of the best games I have played. Media hated it, run & gunners hated it but if you like stealth, espionage and hacking/puzzles, its a great game. Main character voice acting is very lame but there are one or two of the voice actors that are simply outstanding. Plus 7 different endings depending on dialog choices similar to Mass Effect.
  3. The link to this forum is broken from the Outer Worlds link. It takes you to the default XBA forums list.
  4. Or more importantly, are achievements as important as they used to be when the 360 launched? I've noticed very few posts on this particular forum, unless there is a more "happening" forum I'm not frequenting. I usually read the main page, this forum and then move on other things. Oh, and still waiting for those "changes" coming.
  5. This time, I bought a pair of Astro A50's, coming from Turtle Beach headphones. Boy, are they comfortable! I never realized how nice a pair could feel on my head. Although, that sure is attractive, not having a receiver box. My cat may have to look for something else to knock on the floor... ;-/
  6. I have the original One and just noticed this happened to me the other day. Even without upgrading. Never used to happen. I'm thinking it must be an OS issue from a recent update. Not sure.
  7. GT: haZZmaTTaZZ Game: Assassin's Creed Origins
  8. I wonder if I should mention that I sometimes hook up my Sega Genesis from time to time? ;-)
  9. Ok, thank you. Never ordered from there, just clicked the link in the article. As far as the gameplay, it is definitely janky and doesn't play as easily as the newer Elder Scrolls games. But it DOES have features that have been taken out in more recent games. It usually goes on sale on the pc side a couple of times a year and since Summerset Isle is coming in June, they could possibly have a sale during the launch or Xbox summer sale.
  10. The store page for Morrowind says to download to Xbox360. Has anyone tried to download it to the X1 yet or is it only for the 360?
  11. They basically make an emulator which makes the game run on the new console. It's definitely a plus that they provide a digital version.
  12. The xbox1 doesn't really have any games that make me want to run out and buy it. I bought the 360 because I wanted to play Gears and Oblivion. Of course, Gears got delayed but Oblivion filled the bill. I bought the PS3 just so I could play God of War 3. I am tempted to buy the PS4 so I can play the new God of War. If it weren't for those games, I would probably still be playing the original xbox or ps2. The 1x just doesn't have any of these killer games that makes me want to run out and buy it. I was highly disappointed with the games released when I bought the xbox1. If you look at the Preview or Review section of Game Informer magazine, you'll notice quite a big difference between the PS exclusives and the Xbox exclusives. And this is EVERY month. I think old man Phil is turning things around but at the moment, we're just playing catch-up. So, imo, the argument is still valid.
  13. Your isp should have a webpage that can tell you what upload / download speed you are currently running. I would compare that with a generic site and see how they compare. Also, try it while downloading. My isp used to clamp my downloads whenever I tried to download a large file. Most times, the download would stop during the night and I would have to restart in the morning. After I bought my own cable modem, this issue seemed to miraculously stop. Hmmm...
  14. I think the underlying issue is not that xbox doesn't have any games. Its more that it isn't supplying the games that make me want to say, "Boy, am I glad I bought an XBOX1!!!". At least, for me anyway.
  15. PubG was a PC exclusive before it came to xbox, unfortunately. Might as well call out DayZ as well since no word yet it will come to PS4.
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