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  1. Is anyone working to put up an addition to the guide the TU achievements?
  2. This is not a useful description as to how this is supposed to work. Since the page I had up to track my game autoswitched, I went into the My Checklist to figure how to get it back since your automatic tracking is not only not instant, but apparently pretty slow (missing achievements in this same game from yesterday that'd I'd already ticked off and over 16,000 GS overall!). Clicked on the game (keeping the "completed games" toggle off really needs to be an option) & it took me to the same automatic tracking page. So I went back & clicked the the little green checkmark (which said something about disabling it), and got the same result. Finally I went back and clicked it again (enabling, so it says), and I'm still left with an autotracking game page with no way to tick off my achievements. Which means I can no longer tick the achievement immediately so I can hide it to clear my page of what I no longer need, which (if it stays this way) means I no longer have a functional reason to use this site regularly. So either their needs to be a way to tick the achievements manually regardless of what your scanners say, or we need to be able to get a quick scan over & over again. I'm guessing that letting us scan at will won't happen.
  3. You guys are missing the Golf & City DLC achievements on the game's achievements page.
  4. That's pretty much the reason for the original post. I assume they're waiting for what is supposed to be the official drop date. Today, maybe? Not really sure why. I haven't had a chance to start it up today to see if any of the quick to get locked ones will pop.
  5. Apparently the achievements weren't/aren't supposed to go live. I seen someone post next Tuesday, but they didn't source it so not sure where they got the date. For some reason all the story/business related achievements could be popped (though not in the way they were supposed to), while the rest were unobtainable until the official live date. It seems if you had 'X' number of total stars from the other story/business missions, it would pop those 3 new ones when you launched the game. When I did the first mission of each of the new sets, I popped those 3 achievements. Then, I eventually realized that if I did just the 10th mission I could pop the one(s) for doing all 10. If you did them all in one of them & didn't get the achievement, then the only thing that comes to mind is that somehow Playground Games snuck in an update. Hopefully everything will work correctly when the update officially goes live.
  6. 18 more achievements worth 500 gamerscore have been added to the game in a surprise update.
  7. I'd seen some others mention this in another forum. I've been going in every week to complete Challenges so no reinstall needed for me. Thankfully I had all the secondary requirements because even after more than 300 hours I only have just over 1,200 races counting both solo & MP.
  8. There are 4 new free dlc/title update (? I don't think I actually had an official update) achievements that have been added to Forza Horizon 3. Also 3, likely final, Challenges. The achievements are: #Forzathon Cleaning Up The Festival - 125 GS Complete 1000 Races or Snowman Skills #Forzathon See You Horizon Boss - 125 GS Complete 1500 Races or Kangaroo Skills #Forzathon The Final Tour - 125 GS Complete 2000 Races or "Hot Wheels" Skills #Forzathon And Thanks For All The Drifts - 125 GS Complete 2500 Races or Ultimate Skills I think they're all marked as "Secret" as I couldn't find the names in my alt account's achievement list. They are also all retro active and should pop when you load the game if you've already met the requirements.
  9. The expansion has been out several days & the achievements were revealed some time before that. Why hasn't the site been updated with this information?
  10. Soooo, dead silence for 3 1/2 years on this?
  11. I appreciate this guide, thanks for posting it. Having said that it would've been nice for you to note missions with no collectibles & soul locations.
  12. I actually prefer the circle-strafe method of combat. I get hit much less often.
  13. That video walkthrough is useless for level 29 (Winter 9) for me. At least 1 of my followers gets wrecked by that bottom turret EVERYTIME I try to pass it. There are obvious differences in that PC version being shown & the console version, another being one of the earlier winter levels where the walkthrough goes to the top of the screen between a house & a fence. The devs apparently wanted us to use the snowman mechanic because they blocked off that path, on the console version, forcing you to the bottom where the snowmen are. Any help on how to ACTUALLY 3-star level 29?
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