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  1. I and many other users have been experiencing nothing but the splash screen of Fallout Shelter since its launch on Tuesday. After a lot of work and help from a user on reddit I have gotten a solution figured out. It worked for me, but I cannot guarantee it will work for everyone, but the more people that try this, the better. Not all of these steps might not be necessary, this is just the process that worked for me. 1. Convert Windows LIVE User account into a Local User Account. Settings>Accounts>Sign in with Local Account Instead 2. At this point I would reset FS's app data. Settings>System>Apps&Features: Find FS in the list of apps on the right. Click on it. Click Advanced Options>Reset. 3. Now I used one of my throw away LIVE accounts and added a User to my laptop. Settings>Accounts>Family & Other People>Add Someone Else to this PC Sign in with the email of the new User. Once this user is added, sign out of your main User account. Sign into the newly added user. 4. At this point Windows should setup a fresh desktop for the new user, once everything is set there, open up the windows store. Install FS on this new User account. 5. Once the game installs go ahead and run it! The game should load (Very Very Slowly for me at first) but eventually prompt you to sign in. 6. Sign into FS with the new LIVE account. FS should continure on as it should normally, go ahead and start a new Vault and click through the tutorial. Save and quit once that is done. 7. Once you quit FS sign out of the New User and back into your Main User account. 8. Load FS, and if everything went properly it should prompt you to sign into a LIVE account. Now sign into your main LIVE account that you want to play with. It should start up and you should be free to play. 9. At this point I finish the tutorial on my main account again and saved & quit the game. You can now navigate back to your account from step 1 and choose to sign in with a Microsoft account to re-enable your Microsoft account with Windows 10. I really hope this works for you as it has for me! It seems that some bug in the software causes the game to crash when it fails to log in. Instead of prompting an error or asking for a log in the game just fails. Something about making a new user sorts it out but honestly, I have no idea why this is. But hey, if it works it works! Bonus Tip for those of you with Android progress: It can be transferred to the Play Anywhere edition by way of this guide: https://www.trueachievements.com/forum/viewthread.aspx?tid=886144
  2. I got it running on my laptop. I think I figured outa work around for the solution. I had to leave for class though, but when I get back I'm going to mess around a bit and I'll probably post a new thread with the steps I used. Basically I added another user on my laptop with one of my throwaway Microsoft accounts. Reinstalled FS in that user. It prompted a log in in game and ran fine. I started a new vault and ran through the tutorial.Signed out of that account and signed into my main user. Loaded of FS and it prompted my log in and ran! Didn't really get a chance to play on my main at all but it is looking good. Basically it seems that instead of promoting a log in the game errors, but instead of displaying a log in error, the game just crashes. I don't know enough about windows 10 app environment but using a fresh user seems to reset something and allow the app to function properly.
  3. Same as fred. Starts in windowed mode. Not sure if it is possible to force it to load full screen or not.
  4. It seems more and more people are showing this issue. Hoping there is some kind of fix if it is possible. EDIT: I would just like to add that my roommate was able to successfully run FS on his win10 laptop which has an older CPU and older integrated intel GPU than those in my own machine. Something else seems wrong here, just wish it was something fixable on our end, but it seems like a bug in the game itself. I've spent a lot of time in the windpwsapps files for this game and can't find anything that seems to change how it crashes.
  5. What are your hardware specs for your windows 10 machine?
  6. Very disappointed by this. I would really like to know what the difference between the Win10 and beth.net versions are that one can run but the other cannot.
  7. Definitely not made for gaming, however, that spec is for the bethesda launcher non-Xbox LIVE version of fallout shelter, which runs perfectly on my machine. I can play on my 130+ dweller vault with no slow down at all. It would be possible I guess, but rather disappointing if the Win10 Store version of the game was so much less optimized compared to the other PC version. I guess there could be code that just doesn't allow the game to load if it doesn't detect a powerful enough GPU, but damn it is silly that a game like this actually needs such a high GPU performance when I can play a game like Diablo 3 online with 4 people and the ridiculous amount of on screen effects with barely a hiccup. It is what it is though. No reason to be too upset if I can't get achievements from a single game.
  8. Just checked and I am on the current build of Windows 10. I also manually updated my GPU drivers today to no effect.
  9. I PC game a bit on my desktop, but to be frank I had not even considered the spec requirements for fallout shelter. I assumed if my laptop could handle Diablo 3 it wouldn't have much of an issue with a waiting sim like FS. Haven't had a chance to look of the recommended specs but here is my laptop: CPU: i5-5200U 2.2GHz GPU: Intel 5500 RAM: 8GB My desktop which can run it has similar specs. Same RAM, i5 (albeit a desktop processor instead of the laptop equivalent) but it has an actual GPU (don't know it off the top of my head). I would be surprised and slightly disappointed if these specs aren't actually capable of running such a seemingly simple game like FS. EDIT: The plain non-LIVE version of fallout shelter from the bethesda launcher runs just fine on my laptop. No reason at all the windows 10 version should be FUBAR for me. This is getting rather annoying.
  10. I have been having this issue all day. Wont run on my laptop at all. It did load up on my desktop, and I have yet to try the One, but the laptop is really the only machine I want to be able to play it on. I hope this is an issue that Bethesda can fix on their end and that it will eventually work or that there is some kind of work a round to get it running properly. I may just skip the game if it won't run on my laptop. Bad enough that I have to give up my 130 dweller vault from Android anyway.
  11. Seconded this. Shotgun has insane distance and high accuracy. Since it takes any amount of dmg to kill the targets its perfect. Got it after about an hour, and after bout 6 tries after switching to the shotgun. grenade first 3, grenade under wall, grenade next two guys as you slide under wall, jump and wall run over rock, shotgun lone target, wall run and immediately grenade group of three, wall run and EPG 3 targets in large hallway, shotgun first tower target mid-air, wall run jump over second tower as you shotgun the second tower target, and cross the finish. Probably makes less sense in text but I used maka's video for everything except for the two targets after you slide under the wall. It is much faster if you can throw your grenade as you slide. And I use bumper jumper as well. Works great in halo, works even better in titanfall. Especially in MP. Jumping and aiming in titanfall is paramount.
  12. I am incredibly sad about this list. Completing the 2000g on TF1 was easily one of my most enjoyable completions on the One. As soon as they announced a single player campaign for this game I was worried the focus would be drawn from the MP and that prediction is starting to come true. All I can hope is that come Thursday night, the MP changes from the tech test will be worth while, the rest of the Maps will be more akin to TF1, and that future map packs will bring more MP achievements. I was expecting a few months of TF2 before I complete it, but the list looks like one playthrough (if you don't unlock Master) and a couple MP matches at most. TF1 is my favorite competitive shooter, one of my favorite games of all time, and it is a shame that I should be concerned that TF2 won't live up to expectations. I was at least thinking it would be four games into the series before Respawn fucked up (looking at your Gears: Judgement). Fingers crossed for launch.
  13. IMO its a really fun game. I've had it since console launch and once they servers were fixed its been a blast. The PC launch was rocky, but they have immensely improved it. Other than the PvP and group dungeons, I tend to play the game just like I would Skyrim or Oblivion. Solo exploration is enjoyable and the quests aren't difficult solo. Once the new update comes out this Fall you will be able to play and quest with and other play no matter thier alliance or level which is going to be sweet. If you want the completion it might not be the game for you though, of course since its an MMO itll take a long time. The majority of the achievement are easy but time consuming, but a handful are borderline impossible and take hundreds of hours alone. Also, I have never felt like the game is stuck behind any pay walls like Neverwinter (Although that is F2P). I've played through to level 49 so far with nearly 100 hours of time and its never seemed like I HAVE to spend money to have fun in the game. Although the cosmetic mounts have always been tempting.
  14. Anyone played the ESO dlcs, how are they? I was gonna pick up the Gold edition of the game, but it would only be around 48 with the crown sale, and the Gold edition launches at 60 next month. It would normally be around 80 for all 4 normally and I already have the vanilla game.
  15. I THINK that works, because I believe someone on here or TA I talked to a while back used a method like that to obtain DLC for BioShock 2 on GFWL. But I'm not entirely sure as I have never done it myself. If I signed into GFWL on my PC with one of my backup accounts or my brothers account and that tag could play my games I would assume it would work the same way for content sharing as long as you can find someone willing to share their tag for the download.
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