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  1. i just checked out an article about the fenix rising cheevos you started... theres alot of vulgarity and gaybashing comments there.... kinda dissapointed you guys dont remove comments so hurtful to people...fyi i was not involved just shocked at what i read

  2. i said hit up my gamertag if u wanted to do it nobody did they responded here lol and prs your on my friends list y didnt we do this yet?
  3. this is misleading i thought they were unlocked on the disc when i go to character select i only have the pack i bought for mvc3 then my pre order femme fatales edit i have the jill and shuma alts also
  4. nobody is online right now hit me up to boost achievement ag3nt4786
  5. word for word bro i get the black screen every other time i load the game a buddy even said your xbox is dying i said its only this game and my gears3 also is installed and i too am getting for both these games 5 mins of disc running before it gets quiet for some reason(im releived im not the only one too)
  6. hes new-give him a break along with all people with id say under 50 posts no matter how long they been a member................i see you attack em like crazy jum- i know u have good intentions tho so dont attack me-just sayin
  7. hopefully there will be for your sake
  8. op call me a troll all you want ill take a pic of the page u literally have it word for word from the players guide say what u want to justify it
  9. body/ armor for protoman is obtainable by getting the challenge experience achievement/trophy(pg188 players guide)
  10. u cant say you found em if you copied it word for word from page 188 of players guide op
  11. tried sendin you one but its the wrong profile only has 6000 cheevos? on here it says you have 210
  12. add me for help with 1000 i have every achievement in every dead rising so far .... help me continue -ag3nt4786
  13. ADD ME! gamertag ag3n4786 im a huge dead rising fan and would like to play coop and get coop achievements once im level 50...every achievement in every dead rising and wanna continue! lets rock this
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