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  1. Hi Guys Just wanted to share my first go at making a game. Its basically a pregnancy shoot em up. - See already developed a new genre. Created it in unity off the back of running through a few tutorials on how to use the software. If anyone wants to check it out and offer any feedback, or what score they got you can find it here: http://apps.facebook.com/pregnogame Now to start on project two!
  2. Hi everyone Just had the new update download with the gamerscore leaderboard. I keep hearing reading about the leaderboard being able to display overall gamerscore in order. As of yet it's only set to last 30 days. Am I wrong that you can set it to overall or does anyone know how to do it? Thanks
  3. Arghh. I'm going to have to check this now. I've noticed the game suddenly getting easier, I just thought I was getting better at it.
  4. Hi everyone, I am part of the preview dashboard, was wondering if anyone had had the latest download yet with the reintroduction of the achievements leaderboards? I'm sure they announced it about two weeks ago but it's still not downloaded to my console. Noticed the preview dash app doesn't appear to be working for me properly anymore either. Not sure if that's causing my nondownload or if just the download hasn't been pushed to me yet? Any ideas?
  5. Hi everyone I got to thinking the other day about what draws me to games and what games do i really enjoy and why. After thinking on this i find i really enjoy a game which feels movie esque. Games like Bioshock or cod 4 for example. I really love a game also which tracks a lot of your progress and makes it feel like you are accomplishing things when you complete them. Like everything has a purpose or osme kind of reward nd isnt just mindless time filling material. So what is it you love about games, what mechanic or feature do you really enjoy in a game that makes it your fav?
  6. Hi Can anyone help me with Armour Crafting. In Skyrim, you used to be able craft armour from scratch. In Fallout i do not seem to be seeing that option. Is it possible? Ive been to an Armour bench and all i can do is mod the vault suit. Am i missing something? Thanks
  7. Oh I see, so you'll get some sort of warning just before a sand storm blows in etc.
  8. Just been given access to the Intel team. Levelled them up a few times and noticed I have access to a weather. Development item. Does any.one know what means those items are in so I can develop them? Having trouble finding them
  9. Can someone help me out. I'm currently going through the wandering in the dark quest. I have reached the room where I must search ruins and follow the swallow symbols. The problem I am having is, there appears to be something explosive in the room, I am walking about and random explosions are happening sending me to my death. For the life of me I can't see what I'm stepping on to cause these. Anyone got any pointers on what is causing the booms?
  10. I have had this issue with Viva pinata TIP. Had it with the 360 version on xb1 before rare replay came out. Still no fix so far. It did have the downloading cloud saves box but they dont seem to register in the game.
  11. Tired that after your suggestion. Sadly didnt work. Maybe its a bug with the backwards compat. Have reported it to MS.
  12. HI everyone has anyone tried Viva pinata TIP on XB1 through backwards compatability? I have a save in teh cloud from my 360 however this appears to not be being detected on the XB1. Anyone else had this issue or know a fix? Thanks
  13. Swallow potion are the answer to most problems. If you have any strong alcohol in your inventory and then meditate all of your potions will fill back up.
  14. Hey as anyone seen the Easter egg where if you change the date on your console to the 31st of October, Halloween? If you have completed the man bat most wanted side mission, you will find that he has escaped from Gcpd. Here's a video. Wonder how many more of these there are.
  15. Doesent the upgrade tree let you reset your selections. Sure theres an option press X to reset?
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