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  1. artphobia is right buttercup was the ONLY one that worked for me her kicks really stop the enemies from approaching which is crucial , tried the rest of the cast but that was really frustrating
  2. anybody want to boost the MP msg me on live or TA working to get a session together which is quite hard anybody wanna help out msge me on live tnx a bunch
  3. man its even worse than air vietnam bugyy pile of crap
  4. im stuck where a chinook needs to land, cant see any mission numers anywhere it dies in 30 seconds with tons of enemies shooting from the ground any tips? mission fails even if im not dead yet really confusing, it seems impossible to destroy all ground targets with horrible controls i got a checkpoint surrounded by at least 20 AA guns WTF? im trowing an angry rage into it now motherfucker piece of shit game!! fuck me christ im past it, just kept blasting ground targets (use only rockets LT forget the cannon ist useless try not to move the right stick it will mess up your aim so left stick to aim) and kept switchting with RB to the other bird if i noticed it was being hit (green bar top screen and percentage top right) and whent for the landing pad (dont forget to press back for landing gear or it crashes)
  5. im stuck in the dark train after the explosion glitched out cant continue reloaded save and all finally aftyer dicking around w/saves can continue
  6. only got 1 gold so far it seems time is the most crucial and 1 hit and you're fucked truly unforgiving this shiite
  7. good game, but horrible and broken controls, fire left and goes into upright corner all the time really frustrating no matter what setup,light or calibrate, oh and the challenges gold medals are insane hard im finding out
  8. happened to me today, it said in-game save damaged,ALL PROGRESS SP, GRINDS, COLLECTIBLES ETC WAS GONE it happened when i signed in to social club half hour earlier to check stats now all iis reset to zero fucking hell
  9. I got 2 identical pal copies of this game one works with HDmi and the other gives a pal60 error and have to use the old av cable or else it wont start,
  10. why does the roadmap not mention the missable bird in chapter one more specific, so easy to miss and have to redo 2 chapters pointlessly I read its in chapter 4 so i figured worry about the others ones first but then to find out its in chapter friggin 1 !!! sorry but its badly written in the guide i would correct that if you ask me it only took 15 minutes to replay it though tnx to chapter select so it no biggie in the end
  11. game freezes a lot bloody annoying twice in 20 minutes of first playing WTF
  12. looking to boost the online msg me on XBL GT: raidenhardcore
  13. worst garbage I ever put in my xbox dont ever buy this is my advice
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