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  1. Looking to boost Civilian Casualities and Everybody Dies(the two more tedious ones =_= ) We can do this in one sitting or a few sittings. I'm not in any rush just want to get this out of the way haha. If interested msg me: GT= Statikc
  2. Yes, it is very late, but late is always better than never! :D I've been doing very good but have been very busy between school and the site. Thank you! :) I became a staff member at the very beginning of the year and I love it; it's great to do something to help out the site and the community! ^_^

  3. Late(Very late!) Merry holidays to you too! How have you been? From the look of things there has been alot of changes around the site. I noticed you're also on staff now as well. Congratz~

  4. *sigh*....I just want Static Shock in the game. That's all I ask for =_= http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/1/12/Static_%28superhero%29.jpg
  5. EDIT: I've gotten the few that I felt wouldn't come easy naturally already so I don't need to boost anymore. Will still be around playing until I finish up the last 5 I need though. GT:Statikc
  6. I had a feeling the achievements would be tailored to keeping us on the game for a looong time. I don't know if I have it in me to try and get all of these VS achievements again..(Res5 gave me a migraine:() But I'm a sucker for punishment and do want to keep my completion on this game... Soooo I'll be on for boosting definitely, and I'll be playing "legit" on the side until I find something broken about the VS gameplay;). Need a buddy to play with, here's my GT: Statikc Time zone GMT-08
  7. Here ya go the explaination I posted here http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=399360 applies to you to..I should just make a new thread but I don't think I'll need to(not yet anyway)
  8. Everytime you get an achievement, the game resets itself to the last point you saved at. For example: You unlock Iron Man's 2nd costume then *saved*. Then you unlocked Thor's 2nd costume..then shortly after you beat a boss for the first time and unlock the achievement for it. You'll notice that you still have Iron Man's Costume but your Thor's costume is mysteriously gone:confused:. The way around this is to always keep a back up save that has all your up to date unlocks. As well as always make up to date saves whenever you unlock costumes or characters(yes this glitch also makes you lose characters you've unlocked) before you get another achievement. For another example: I got the 5th figure to unlock daredevil so that would've unlocked daredevil, but there was an achievement for getting him. So I reloaded my save from before I got the 5th figure, got it again, unlocked him again, but this time since there was no achievement to pop up there was no glitch and he stayed unlocked. What I've been doing so far is running through levels to unlock whatever achievements are associated with the level. Then playing through it AGAIN this time killing enemies taking my time and such, since there is no worry about achievements cancelling all my hard work:mad:. So that means you have to fight bosses TWICE so you keep all the progress that unlocks up to that point. *sigh* I figured all of this out myself all in the course of a single night. And I wish I would've known this earlier=_= I wasted more time on the Arcade levels and unlocking costumes(the same one over and over!!!!) than I should have thx to that damn glitching. If you have any questions or need me to get more specific with details just msg me;). I'm surprised no one else has fully figured out the cause of the glitching yet(or at very least posted the solution). Because I had checked all over the place online and no one had even come close>,>. There was mainly just ways to glitch the "Dress for Success" achievement like to make it unlock through using an alternate account. I guess maybe because the game is old no one feels the need to troubleshoot it anymore:o
  9. Lol I thought it was funny because I could NEVER let my guard down even during a cinema. My controller never left my hands if this game was being played:p All in all they weren't too bad, but they were pretty frequent. Plus at least the QTE doesn't change when u die or else that'd just be twisted:(
  10. Ya know I wonder about that sometimes myself. I have a pretty good staff for my mage and sometimes my damage is top tier. Other times I'm barely denting their health at all and I die in a few hits. Some of it is linked to lag though because I'll get killed but then get a triple kill after I died:( Or I'll be attacking them with no damage being done and no hit stun, they kill me, and then their health bar finally decides to drop to almost empty. Add that lag to the random DCing and poor/long matchmaking and you've got a recipe for rage:mad: and maybe a lil confusion:confused:. Even with the upgraded equipment most times I don't really feel a difference. Especially since you can still get MOBBED no matter how good your equipment is. That's what makes this game tough for me, because I can know what I'm supposed to do and where I'm supposed to go to get the job done. But then with a team of up to 16 ppl that usually suck, my skills are pretty much forfeit=_=. But "excuses" aside I will admit that having good strategy has won me a few hopeless matches. And that feels pretty good when the odds were completely against my team. My conclusion: Not the GREATEST game ever, atm until they fix the match making it's not even a GOOD game(more of a FINE/OK one). But it has potential once some things are ironed out. And it can be pretty addicting/fun if u keep it playful. If you try to take this game too seriously it just becomes frustrating. And at the end of the day this game is free(and I'm a poor soul~) so can't gripe too much!
  11. Great Guide Kairi! I really appreciate the helpful vid for 4-2...The A.I. is ridiculously stupid in this game(when they're on MY side anyway).
  12. I'm up for boosting the 1000 matches played and the throwdown one. There's no way I will get to 1000 online normally(tbh I haven't even reached 100 yet somehow:() Plus I usually always play offline VS with friends because I don't like dealing with the bad servers. Anyways I can leave my 360 on all night or day if I'm at work and I don't really care who gets the wins. Msg me if interested. BTW I prefer to idle boost this one because I'm usually busy nowadays. Just thought I'd say that now~ GT: Statikc
  13. Yeah, those powers took away tennis from most of the other seniors too! I think two stayed on, but just barely...I overheard the coach say they shouldn't even be on there >_> I'm thinking of joining a tennis club while I am in college so I still have an opportunity to play :D


    Not really unfortunately D: Although I love Halloween, I don't really get to do anything for it :(

  14. They feared your talent and prowess so the powers that be conspired to take away your Tennis~ And If that was somehow true then I would be very impressed with myself. Either way you can always continue to play after highschool is done(As a hobby or profession).


    On a *side note* I just remembered a few days ago that Halloween is coming up. Got any plans for it?.

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