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  1. So you got 25 free gamerscore. Doesn't sound that bad.
  2. That would mean mine was spot on as well. It's good there's no difference of opinion here.
  3. One could argue with the name of the site being Xbox achievements that your site is about achievements. (just a personal opinion). That said there are other sites still getting achievements as well (playfire which is green man gaming). I would think a company as big as them would wan to stay legit though so I wouldn't think they're doing the scraping thing you're talking about. They may be though, never know!!
  4. I understand your stance in staying legal with it, I was just expressing my feelings about the site. I do love the community features, but I feel like an achievement tracking site that doesn't track achievements can only be useful to a point. You say other sites are ignoring the ToS to get their tracking. I hate to keep mentioning trueachievements, but they just recently got an xbox one app that shows their tracking. If it was against the ToS would MS really allow that app to have been approved and deployed to the xbox one?
  5. Anyone know if they plan to fix this for the xbox one?
  6. I won't lie I've almost solely moved to True achievements due to it's actual achievement tracking (a feature that any achievement tracking site really has to have, and you guys have stated you will never have in the past), and features that you know. Work. I love this site for what it is, but it's broken and lacking compared to others. Your forum is good, but I can use a forum almost anywhere.
  7. For those who don't know the game just came out on steam. Also all the civ and pvp dlc's are on sale for $17 for ALL of them. Better get this now before it's gone!! http://store.steampowered.com/sub/13943/
  8. I think of it like this. If you like the game, buying the DLC is how it'll be supported. The base game is free after all.
  9. Going with this, the game isn't ugly at all. It's beautiful actually.
  10. If you have vista or higher just plug the controller in and it auto detects.
  11. Other than the orbital drop achievement there's not really much trading you can do here.
  12. Yep, download is almost done. Really surprised this forum isn't more active.
  13. What did you use for recording? Quality is pretty good.
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