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  1. sico t


    If I wasn't a big fan of the other fallouts, will I like this one? Is it much different from the others???
  2. sico t

    gwg 360 on the one??

    Thanks for your help y'all, and I've found crazy taxi woo hoo.
  3. sico t

    gwg 360 on the one??

    Found them in my ready to install page, thanks anyway
  4. sico t

    gwg 360 on the one??

    Hello mate, tried that but I can only download to the 360. Unless I'm missing something?? I'll have another look.
  5. Is there any way to play 360 games with gold titles on the one without having a 360???
  6. Scene? This was hardly a scene. If you check my posts, I have given thanks for the help. Also I understood the help that was given. There is no need for you to " make a scene" and stick your nose in.
  7. Nice one, if I get stuck again ill be sure to come back here and confuse you again.
  8. I think we've git off on the wrong foot here. Lets start from scratch. I'm not on a quest just can't fast travel between the 2 cities. When im on the map and put the cursor over the city icon to find a signpost it takes me back to the signpost i am at. Make sense?
  9. no need to be rude mate. I cannot fast travel between velen and novigrad or the other way around. Not sure what is so difficult to understand to be honest.
  10. Yeah that's it.at the moment I got to travel to the castle then to one of the other cities.
  11. I can't fast travel between celeb or novigrad. When I put the cursor over the icon on the map it just reverts to whichever city I am in.
  12. good game but sore on the arms after a couple of hours
  13. what is this one like compared to no.1?
  14. might do that. it has happened a couple of times now. probably just stick to single player for now and try again in a couple of days. just to say the books in this series are excellent as well.
  15. I levelled up to 7 and any gold I collect doesn't stay with me. I level up in the area but as soon as I leave it all goes back the way it was before I entered.
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