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  1. That's brilliant to hear! Than you very much fellas that's cleared it right up for me.
  2. Hello, so I am thinking of purchasing the digital deal where you buy the game on the 360 marketplace and get the X1 digital version free, but my intention is to play the game first on Xbox One then play it at a much later time on the 360. Will I be able to do this? And how would my progression/data etc. work? As far as I can figure out, After playing on the X1, if I were to go back to the 360 then I would have a new save there? So data only carries over from 360 to X1 when making the jump for the first time if I'm right? Very confused so any help is appreciated! Thanks.
  3. This mission is called "Raise the Black Flag" and the main objective is to plunder 70 metal, and the two side objectives are to take down a hunter and plunder 30 sugar. I have no other main missions on the map that I can do, and have no money to spend on ship upgrades, I've been stuck on this mission for a couple hours now. I am able to plunder the 30 sugar, but taking down a hunter ship is a pain. I can't seem to find a ship that is carrying ANY sugar, I did find one once which was carrying 65 sugar, but it was surrounded by 4 other enemy ships, how am I meant to take on 5 brigs with only 4 bars of health? Am I missing something here? Thanks in advance.
  4. Does the 30k have to be made on a single design and tune up? Or can I make it across multiple designs/tune setups for different cars etc?
  5. Or XBA buddies, whatever this site is called now.
  6. Does anyone know when Bioshock Infinite goes on sale? It's £17.50 on the UK marketplace right now. I thought it was a weekly deal..
  7. Who do I contact to get a refund on premium? I bought it last week on xboxone and haven't been able to download second assault, as for china rising, I downloaded it but it says I don't have one or more of the dlc's required to play these maps etc when I try to play. Also, if the refund is processed then do you keep premium rights or do they actually take it away like expected? Thanks.
  8. Ok, thanks for that. Ok, so if I order the standard edition tomorrow afternoon, I should get it on release day? Or would I have to order it right now? It's midnight now anyway.. This is the cheapest console I could find on the site: http://www.shopto.net/video%20games/xboxone/XB1HW25-xbox-one-console-inc-fifa-14
  9. So both editions include the headset then? That's fine. When I look at the standard editon on webistes it doesn't list the headset that's why..
  10. So I'm stuffed then? And can someone answer my other questions please.
  11. So if you have Premium you can reset your stats on Battelog, what exactly gets reset? Do you lose your unopened battle packs? Does everything get reset to zero and lose your unlocks? Also, when importing stats to Xbox One, will all my battle packs and XP boosts be imported to the new console as well? Thanks!
  12. I'm wondering if there is any chance of the Day One Edition with the digital code for Forza 5 being released again? The one that costs £429. It seems they released this offer on 2 occasions in the last few months and I missed out on both. With 2 weeks left I'm guessing it's next to impossible for this deal to release one more time? Although I don't want FIFA 14, even that is sold out at GAME & Amazon. Shopto have bumped the price up to £448. Also, what are my chances of buying a standard edition console in store at like Argos or GAME.. Will they be sold out at that time? One more thing, does the standard edition include all the same things as the Day One edition apart from the achievement and day one written on the controller? Thanks.
  13. I want to buy the console with BF4 around December time, not on launch. But I can't find a single site with bundles except Shopto which only has like 3 crappy bundles. I'm guessing they will all be released after the console is out Nov 22? If I buy the console and a game, it will cost £480, but I figured a bundle with a game would cost £470?
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