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  1. I am worried. Butttt I want an Andy's room world (Toy Story) And Jungle book because I love both though films
  2. I've met some of the most amazing people online which I find is awesome, it's nice knowing there's a select few people you can trust without knowing in person then again I've also met some complete and utter assholes. Either way as I'm a mmo player I'm always meeting new awesome people which is right now as I've actually done everything you can on that mmo is more important than doing anything else.
  3. I think we'll see something similar to holograms, due to the fact they are holographic tvs in production. Although having a lightsaber would be more than fucking awesome!!
  4. Understandable, I think see there being holographic/Virtual gaming with next to realistic graphics. I'm just saying how can you make a game more detailed than real life once we're there lol
  5. I agree we'll see a new generation of consoles after the 7th for sure but 5 years? Who knows the way technology is advancing it wouldn't be so shocking to see, would I get it? No I think XB1 makes the end of the console era for me, there comes a point where graphics can't really improve all that much, I feel we're there.
  6. Burnout 3 remade? Yes Please (don't know why they didn't even do this yet)
  7. Getting a "Your console cannot connect to xbox live" With a code at the bottom, had nothing but problems since I signed up to the beta.
  8. Just signed in and ALL of my messages I had have been deleted, any idea what causes these had a few unread ones which I needed for boosting partners and well they're gone..? Not sure if this is due to me signing up to the public beta but seems strange none the less.
  9. Story mode on Hard was really not hard at all. Most of the time I actually avoided where they told me to sit and take cover. (For example on the first level they tell you to go on the bridge, this is stupid for 1 your cover gets destroyed and you're left unguarded) I personally didn't go on the bridge and stood and found cover else where
  10. Ok the boards are different in Usa and UK so I was wondering can you actually play against people in the Usa from the UK? My friend in America was wanting to buy it so she can kick my ass in it apparently and I'm willing to take her up on that offer.
  11. Looking for "Filling Cabinet" Achievement Cup doesn't go live till a few days but really need to boost this as I'm terrible as the game. I'm GMT based. I assume you can find who you're against randomly (Based on team stars?) Go into the game with somebody else with a low rated team. Do this till the final then communicate who wins in the final?
  12. Used to be a thread about Runescape which I cannot find (I think it was one of though inactive threads which would of been 2 years old) Was just wondering if there's any other Runescape players out there or if anybody else would just like to discuss Runescape I myself play Runescape, I'm maxed combat, maxed skills, and should be working on 120 Dungeoneering. Also with the 07 Servers out recently I achieved 85 slayer at the beginning of May (3 months after the servers come out) Yep enough of that anywho, anybody else play ?
  13. I'm excited for the XB1 potential it's going to be amazing. And because I can. http://oyster.ignimgs.com/ve3d/images/01/24/12496_call-of-duty-2-xbox-360-screenshots-20050518111105277.jpg http://s.pro-gmedia.com/videogamer/media/images/xbox360/call_of_duty_black_ops_2/screens/call_of_duty_black_ops_2_32.jpg Hell compare fifa 07 to Fifa 13 there's a major difference. Even AC1 to AC3 MAJOR difference once again whoever said there's no difference between the two I strongly suggest you look up Dead rising 1 compared to dead rising 3.
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