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    I own with MP5k can't touch me.
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    Basketball, Xbox.
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  1. I unlocked this after completing the last dlc level.
  2. GT : PizzaJayy I need someone to boost 20 ranked wins.
  3. Just down someone on warzone and go back about 10 ft away and spray that scrub. Dont pistol them at point blank range because it will count as an execution.
  4. Hey, I have all the achievements and seriously and I know alot of my friends still play this game because Gears 2 is the worst game ever created. They tell me people still play it, and just because Gears 2 came out, it did not destroy Gears 1 so just find a group that play games of the same setting like Warzone 10 Rounds and stack together.
  5. Just be pro like me, watch my Gears video on my youtube channel www.youtube.com/pizzajayy
  6. You are the chosen one. Legendary find.
  7. Not bragging but having Gears experience since 2008, I have helped people finish gears in about 3 hrs on insane with no problems. I get everyone from 0g to 860g in one day. Add if you want me to boost you up. I have the full 1250.
  8. Yeah, I went for THIS! IS! ANNEX! legit and finished about 50 games milking every single scrub I played with and then i did the split screen way.
  9. Weird, it better not go down because Gears is the game I can't live without bRa.
  10. Add me and I'll do everything for you, Im a gears veteran I have been playing since 2008.
  11. Just camp back and be an active whore by activing your snipe kk bRa.
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