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  1. Since this is the bitching thread I think the online's hospitable bills are kinda outrageous.
  2. I see, here i was keeping my game paused just incase someone confirmed Judys BS. Claiming it can be done on solo easy... hope that troll gets banned soon.
  3. Putting the ultimate staffs in the giants is where im currently stuck.. I'm on solo easy, round 18, all ultimate staffs built. I went into all 3 robots with the ice staff and found no place to insert them or button to press But yeah, i'm calling huge BS on Judy, Post your gamertag or a screenshot of the unlocked achievement and someone might actually believe you.
  4. Looking to get all these achievements. Gmrtag - Jdawg529
  5. Looking to get pretty much all this dlc's achievements but more specifically the ones you need in big groups (poker, liars dice) Message me if you're setting up something. Gmrtag - Jdawg529 (have a mic, will talk)
  6. I'm looking for a possie too, I'm on most of the time, however I work weekends (Friday-Sunday) so I won't be on much the next few days. Gmrtag - Jdawg529
  7. Looking for a few people for the Pop Goes the Weasel achievement. Few rules for joining my group. 1. Must know what to do for the easter egg. 2. Must have a mic and will actually use it. 3. Must have free-time, no emergency leaving. 4. Must live in the US / Canada to avoid lag problems. Interested? Send a message to Jdawg529.
  8. Looking at some TA.com solution comments some players were able to unlock it by playing on Original Difficulty and making sure he locks everything including barriers. Meaning 5 Perks machines, Mystery Box, Plane and Barriers.
  9. Looking for a partner/partners to get That Won't Save You, Scrapyard, and Outta My Way! I have 4 controllers and mic. Gmrtag - Jdawg529
  10. Looking for a group of people to get the Easter egg with, I'm from the US, have a mic and will talk, hopefully looking for other group members who will too. Gmrtag - Jdawg529, hit me up on xbox, I'll be playing FC3 til we get enough to get going Edit: Decided to make a group myself... Looking for 1 player for the Easter Egg achievement.
  11. I'm also looking to do the easter egg but I only want to do it with others who have mics and will talk, I like to do things clean and quick Gmrtag - Jdawg529
  12. I'm looking for a party to get all the turned achieves too Gmrtag - Jdawg529
  13. Looking for some ppl to kill Pete with. Lvl 50 - Gunzerker gmrtag - Jdawg529
  14. I'm looking for someone to help me get Deliverance, Baby Makers, Loaded Horder Class Mod, Vengeful Beast, Deputies Badge, Tediore Alliegence Relic and Vitality relic... I'm trying a bunch of different specs out on my Gunzerker and I need all those for it to work I have a bunch of legendary weapons I'll dupe for you in return for any of these Jdawg529
  15. Personally, I'm glad that they made the achievements this hard... While trying to get to round 15 of Neverending trials I did some deep thinking, mostly asking myself, will the satisfaction of getting this achievement be worth all the frustration and learning required to get it? All that thinking made me realize I have a bad addiction to achievements in the first place, and this achievement didn't come out of nowhere, I had a really bad WoW addiction 4 years ago and all I really did to get out of that was to replace it with Xbox.... Now I have a Gaming PC and I'm effy about playing any of the games I bought of the steam sale because they have no achievements.. I'm realizing how stupid that is.. I should play a game for fun, not achievements. But this addiction won't simply go away, I have games on xbox that I bought but haven't played yet.. so my plan is to play the games I got and if I enjoy the game that much to the point where I want to get all the achievements then I should go for it, but if I see an achievement thats more trouble than its worth to skip it. We should play games for fun, not achievements, yes some achievements are fun, but really, once you went down that road to play a game such as Hannah Montanna to get an easy 1000 you should feel ashamed of yourself. (I am guilty of 1000gs Avatar) I remember when I was really young, I made my own achievements for games I truly loved. For example Zelda, I loved Ocarina of Time so not only have I completed it 6 times I got all the collectibles, (Heart Pieces, Items, etc.) Just having all of that done made me feel proud and accomplished of myself. I didn't need a score to tell me I was awesome. Anyways, thanks to this DLCs achievements which led to my thinking I can proudly tell you that after I finish this batch of games I own I will be buying all my games on PC now. I have a GTX 670, I7-3770k rig, it would be a shame to pick xbox over it. The only exception to this above rule is that I will still keep my xbox around for console exclusives or even maybe for some games like GTA 5 where it will come to consoles first
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