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  1. I couldn't find anywhere other than the end-of-mission screen either...which is lame. At least the campaign is short. Particularly on easy.
  2. I have know idea what yore tawking about. It's unfortunate though that you used to cheat games. Good on you for admitting it and for finding a safe harbour to hide at xboxacheatments.org.
  3. There are a few things wrong with this guide. One of them is that there are 38 challenges and not 37. Another thing that is wrong is that you say on the roadmap that there are no online achievements, when the achievement called "Tomorrow Leader" requires you to be online (to register a score on the leaderboards). The final thing that is incorrect is the rating of 8/10 for difficulty. Considering that noone on xbox360a or TA has completed this game says it all. This game is ridiculously hard. Could be the hardest dancing game to complete period, since both luck and skill are involved in completing everything (along with having a good co-op partner). Other than that...nice guide.
  4. I feel the same way - 100%. Whenever I finish a game I know I'll never play again, I give it to a friend/relative. What are you going to get on a trade-in anyway...$2?
  5. Too funny. I'm having the same problems you are dude. It makes literally no sense too. I'm not it a cramped area either.
  6. Boots Orion

    game freezes

    Same shit is happening right now with mine. I know it worked fine on my old (non-slim) console.
  7. Good guide....one things about the group exercises is that you only need the other people at the very start of the first group exercise when it has to scan multiple people. It is not required at all afterwards and you can do them all by yourself - even the four player ones. After the exercises are done and the picture has been taken (which you don't even need anyone there to have taken), you can select "try again" and you'll have yourself a brand-new group exercise without having to go through all the menus again. Also, there are only 50 achievements to get the 1000 and 70 achievements if you want to complete it to 1500. I've purchased both DLCs but I doubt I'll ever be able to get all of the achievements. It is brutally hard no matter how much you practice, even with the guide button glitch because for some of them, pausing the game won't help you much. Finally...I know you qualified it by saying that a 100% completion is virtually impossible, but I seriously doubt anyone could ever complete this game with 10-12 hours of game play. It takes about 10 minutes just to do a 2-player group exercise, and even longer than that for the 3-4 player ones. Plus, considering that the Master of Themes chievo is 100% random, the group exercises (while involving no skill), will take about 2-3 hours by themselves. On top of that, the rest of the exercises, even on beginner, require lots of practice to get an A+ on. I would think that it would take a minimum of 35-50 hours for anyone to expect to complete this game, if they ever could. Unlike some kinect games there is no cheating this one (other than the guide button - but even that is tough). I don't want to make it sound like I don't think this is a good guide because it is. Finally, I've written some solutions on Trueachievements.com (sorry for plugging that site here) that hopefully will help some people out.
  8. I have the same problem as CONKER. Kinect Labs has been crashing for me since the update and so I WAS trying to download it through marketplace. Oh well...I guess I'll have to wait until they figure it out which shouldn't be long since it is their own game.
  9. You can't really "boost" either Skate or Skate 2 (haven't played Skate 3 yet) as random people can join your match at any time and most people who do play these games online are quite good. Skate 2's career MP achievements involve (basically) getting a certain amount of XP in a bunch of different types of games (I think there are 6 in total in skate 2). The good news is that you don't really need to be good at the game to get a decent amount of xp in each category. The bad news is that you need to get to 5000 XP total to get the Legend achievement. Given that you max out at 27-30XP per match even if you win the event, you'll need to sink a whole lot of time in to polish off the Legend chievo. What you can boost (maybe) are the freeskate challenges achievements. I still think this wouldn't really be called a boost though, because boosting involves little to no skill...requiring only the willingness to put up with the monotony. Many of the challenges are quite difficult in freeskate and so you still can't really boost them as skill is definitely required. I really want to get the freeskate chievos done but I know it'll take me quite a while. I'm going to try to do as many as I can legit as I think it is probably the easiest way for skate 2. The only advantage to boosting is that you will be playing with people who want to do the challenges which I find that strangely this isn't always the case as many of my proposals are not accepted (when doing it legit).
  10. Not quite true....while I had problems getting the Skate Celebrity achievement...I could get the two other (5 GS) skate.reel achievements. I remember trying months ago to get them unsuccessfully and it would always tell me that I couldn't access the feature (no sure what the exact quote is). For some reason it was letting me post footage and photos tonight so I got those two achievements. The game would freeze every time I tried to download someone else's pic/footage to view/rate it so I don't know if the "Skate Celebrity" achievement is still unattainable. According to the TrueAchievements' recent winners list, there is noone who has gotten it recently ("Skate Celebrity") but there are several who have a recent date-stamp for the other two ones (Exhibitionist & Skate's top model).
  11. Awesome guide man....thanks a bunch!
  12. Don't really know what you are talking about bro. This song was really easy to 100% on expert. You can just talk the talky parts which is a good 75% of the song. The regular choruses involve singing only two notes, then the last "tricky" chorus at the end is pretty easy too considering you should be familiar with how the song goes after listening to it several times. If you can't handle that then you don't deserve to get the achievement for it. I also used this song (once exported) for both the 100% vocals achievements in RB1 and RB2. Plus, it is the only realistic (for me) song to get the 100% drums achievement (last one I need for this game). So, while I am sick of listening to it, I love this song as it facilitates you getting many hard achievements from many different games.
  13. I actually disagree with both of you. Other than GH: Van Halen which I still enjoyed, a lot of work was put into the band specific games. The only one I haven't played is Metallica and that is supposedly one of the best ones. I like all of them that I've played but to be honest, I enjoy playing the Beatles songs the least. Drums are always fun in ALL of these games (except for that Spinal Tap song on Lego Rock Band), but most of the Beatles songs are quite boring on the guitar. That's just my opinion though. The problem is that the band specific games cost a lot of money, because the bands in question are all "super-groups" and buying the rights to all their songs would be ridiculously expensive. Yes, whether you like them (I'm a huge fan) or not, Green Day IS a super group. Also, track packs and band specific games are much much cheaper on a song-by-song basis than normal DLC. Even if you buy the games when they first come out, you are paying much less than a dollar per song in most cases. If you are willing to wait a few months, you can get any of the games for less than $15-$20. About this topic though, I love A7X, but they do not have the casual fan base to support a full game. Anyone who thinks otherwise is the definition of fanboy.
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