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  1. Im not a nut simply taking advantage of people who are so gullible.
  2. There have been rumours of Codemasters putting in a Osama insurgent in Red River for shits and giggles. I know where he is. On mission 4 Almost to Easy as soon as you get off of the Sea Stallion go up through the canyon for 100m and the first house/hut on the right side is where you find him. Go round back of the hut and you will find an entrance to the house then BLAMO May Allah be praised he is standing right there with an Ak-47 wanting to deal some wip-ass to any american who disturbs him.
  3. It came from behind and we were all shoutung at our 12 year old friend to shut the hell up he was hurting our ears then bam!!!
  4. Yes you heard me I have seen it and the encounter did not end all to well for me!!! Me and a bunch of friends in Private Free Roam were walking around on foot in tall trees when all of a sudden a mate of mine who is 12 years old started screaming over the mic shouting that he saw a shadow and then as we are running over to him it struck. There were four of us and it killed two of us in 2 seconds straight, me and a friend started shooting but out shots missed as it raped the crap out of me and then killed my mate and then run off into the shadows.IT WAS NOT A BEAR. Me and my friend got a good look at it and it looks exactly like the werewolf on the screenshot of it in youtube. It is the size of a horse and just as fast as an american standard. People if you have seen it aswell don't worry you are not the only one to crap your pants. I recommend splitting up into groups of two and stay not to far away from each over and don't be on horses it is less likely to show up!
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