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  1. I hope this is released soon, loved the 360 version and recently got back into it now it seems to be all I play xD. Would like it on the one though as the pad is just so much nicer
  2. Thanks for the really quick response, I will have to look into that
  3. I know this aint been released yet and the question is probably completely stupid so in part just to see interest and that there are 3 "Steins; Gate" games already none of which have been released outside of Japan. I have recently watched the series and would love to give the game a try...
  4. He will probably go for more in a fortnights time maybe in the region of 900k to a million
  5. Jesus, just trying that, people would think you had died by the time you finally re-emerge from where your console is located xD
  6. I like that but maybe instead something about a match winning performance (player ratings etc) rather than a goal but either way its a good idea
  7. I would really love for the online/ ultimate team leagues to follow the style of the World Cup Group stages. Where instead of having "oh get 15 points for promotion" it simulates games and so it is like an actual league where you don't know what you need going into a season. Also don't disregard games where you have nothing left to achieve as they are games where you can experiment... New stuff in Pro Clubs whether it is customisation with regards to kits, badges, stadiums etc or having people join the bench if they come on late or anything else to reinvigorate my passion for this mode Finally a fixed camera from just behind the dugout so you are able to watch your friends play or your club play dependant on mode and if they really want to push the boat out spawn your character by the camera and allow you to look around using the right stick. Even if that don't happen I am just happy to see Villa Park in the game and an Irish Legend card xD
  8. Looking for Boosting partner have 5 played and 1 win already.
  9. Some where quality others where hopeless judging from the 5 I used
  10. I still believe that they should make it green lines with people of the same club and nationality/league and orange for just nationality and/or league of all the clubs they have played for. Also like 10 new legends? thats laughable should be at least another 20. And having Roy Keane before Paul McGrath is amazing... Doesn't it look like Schmiechel picked the legends with all the Danish and Ex-Man United out of the 10 or so new ones
  11. Chat via either Skype from the Xbox One to there PC etc or via in game chat
  12. Yeah been focusing on Uni so aint had much chance to go for achievements and thus neglected this site and forums a little. But back now for a while xD The only packs I bought where the 10 TOTS packs they released every week when they where releasing all the blue cards and I have to admit I did get very lucky as I normally made a profit on the 10 packs each week. Yeah I have been noticing the price increases in certain players tempted to sell the team on and see what the market does next lol. The legends imo: De Boer was pants (2 Games played) Sherringham was a good poacher got a goal a game ratio but wasn't particularly special to use (16 Games played) Inzaghi and Vieri I used as a partnership and they where really lethal Vieri in particular for like 350k when I bought him he is easily worth double that and Inzaghi supplemented him nicely (73-75 Games played) Suker felt like Heskey whilst I was using prone to missing and was constantly out shone by his partner 88 rated Mandzukic but he did hold up the ball well and did everything but score really (20 Games played) I am hoping for a few Villa legends in the next one, if they where to add any of Paul McGrath, Martin Laursen or Peter Withe etc I would be over the moon. xD as the only legend who played for Villa on fifa 14 was Robert Pires who I was never a fan of lol. There any you would like to see on the next game?
  13. I have been asking for the majority of that since fifa 11 xD. Spectator Mode I just called it fan mode an isolated camera from just behind the dugout and if they really wanted to be awesome it loads your pro there as well or have it so the right stick controls the camera and so you can see the other pros there if you look left and right xD
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