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  1. This glitch is talked about on the Xbox One version board: https://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.php?t=577776 My post is last in that thread. Basically, the issue happens around the same game completion % each time. It doesn't seem at all related to online tailing, at least for me, so it seems that people can quite easily fall victim to this glitch. There doesn't appear to be any solution besides starting over, but some people on the Ubisoft support forum report starting new names multiple times, only for the glitch to befall them every time. If you manage to make a backup save before the glitch strikes, you could theoretically still finish the game and get all achievements (I think?) by doing everything else in a single session, but any sort of freeze, crash, or loading screen hang will force you back to whenever you backed up your file.
  2. So this is an old thread, but as I'm playing this game now and am being affected by this glitch, I feel it's important to post just so it's more visible that not only does this glitch (still!) exist, but it can be triggered by factors besides dying during online tailing. Below is a post I just made on the Ubisoft support forums: As I mention in that post, the glitch happens seemingly at a certain level of game completion (since I've triggered it roughly around that point in the story, plus or minus a mission depending on how long I leave a couple of side missions that only unlock partway through the story). But eventually it becomes a 100% guarantee to occur. Thanks to increasingly frequent backups I've been making, I could technically complete the game to get the remaining achievements without too much issue (unless the game locks up or hangs when fast traveling - oops!), but it still is a kick in the balls that a glitch like this could exist. I still have no idea how this could've happened, but it's apparently on all versions of the game (I'm on 360, this topic is for XB1, and I've seen claims of it happening on Playstation and even the WiiU version). I don't think it's a version-specific thing, but rather the problem lies in how the game was programmed, in some way that's consistent across platforms. EDIT: Based on more research and investigation online, this "character reset" glitch definitely seems to have triggers beyond just the tailing issue. Other people have reported having it happen multiple times at around the same point in the game (including one who had it happen around 87%, just like me). Still no idea about what could possibly be causing this glitch, although it seems possible that something "taints" the save data and probably causes data to write to the wrong place in memory, corrupting the save without rendering it unloadable. And there's absolutely no info of an kind from Ubisoft support on the issue, other than "it is being looked into" circa 2014.
  3. Hey, thanks for the reply! Didn't expect one and stopped checking places after a few days. We tried both 360-360, 360-XB1, and XB1-XB1 connectivity, ultimately between around 5 or 6 people. No one was able to connect regardless of what was happening. I've scoured the internet and applied almost every possible solution, but even 360-360 connection doesn't work. It seems like the game just isn't able to connect over XBL anymore, at least for the 360 version. I contacted a few of the recent winners of the achievement (according to Trueachievements), and they all seemed to have gotten it using LAN. I eventually got a digital copy and tried double boxing it in LAN and it did indeed work to get me the achievement, so it's not unobtainable, but still can't be done online any more it seems.
  4. So my friend and I are interested in playing through this in co-op like we've done for SR 2, 3, and 4, but we can't get co-op to work. We both have XBL gold, but we're unable to invite each other to the game. The option is grayed out and even if we invite via the Co-op Campaign menu, it never actually sends an invite. Anyone know what the problem could be, or how to possibly solve it? I should mention we're trying to get the achievement on the 360 version, but I'm posting this here because we've had so much trouble connecting. Hopefully someone will be able to help us figure out how to do it.
  5. So my friend and I are interested in playing through this in co-op like we've done for SR 2, 3, and 4, but we can't get co-op to work. We both have XBL gold, but we're unable to invite each other to the game. The option is grayed out and even if we invite via the Co-op Campaign menu, it never actually sends an invite. Anyone know what the problem could be, or how to possibly solve it?
  6. Wondering if it does. Heard that the DLC no longer works and so those achievements are unobtainable. Is that true? If not, how many players are needed to boost the achievements?
  7. I've been playing the PS3 version of the Complete Edition and encountered this same issue, but I think I figured out the problem. This "glitch" is triggered by visiting the Hobo Camp before going to the Taraldsen residence. This means seeing the scene with the generic hobo and Rusty commenting to try back later. I remember when I played the 360 CE, I was trying for the best end-of-case message on each case, and that I didn't bother with the hobo camp initially. I got the sailor interview and bus depot stuff, and realized at the end that it said "Try checking out the hobo camp earlier." Didn't bother replaying, though. But on PS3, I went there first each time and never got the Jessop interview message. Finally I tried not going to the camp first, and FINALLY got the interview message. So I'm thinking that's probably the trigger that causes the sailor interview and bus depot part to not occur.
  8. What the title says. Curious if there's anyone here with a valid multiplayer hardcore save that can get us (a friend and I) the achievement.
  9. What turbo controllers would be useful for idling for the Kingpin achievement? I'm not really familiar with any. Would they need to be wired, or will they not turn off after a period of time if the turbo is active? I'd like to work towards this by idling, but I assume a turbo controller is mandatory for that. And could I do this manually by simply hitting the button and letting matches just run while doing something else? Any help would be really appreciated! Would love to get started on this game and knocking out Kingpin is the real challenge when it comes to achievements.
  10. But if all the medals count, and there's 32, then you'd only need the rank below Kingpin for the achievement if you got the "Arr" badge, and only need Kingpin itself if you don't have "Arr." But people I've heard about it from seemed to imply Kingpin is the rank needed if you do have Arr, and Kingpin of Kingpins is the rank needed without that badge. Which means you'd need 31 badges to get Kingpin.
  11. Thanks for the reply. Aside from Kingpin, do the other multiplayer achievements come pretty quickly? They all sounds pretty easy to do, though the co-op all missions and activities could be lengthy. Also, for Kingpin, I heard that there are 32 medals, but you need 31, because the first medal you get doesn't count or something. Is that true? And so without the pirate day medal, you'd need to reach max rank (something like $2 million instead of just $1 million)?
  12. Is this game's online P2P or server based? I'm guessing it's P2P, since the first Saints Row was, not to mention that if it was servers, they'd probably have died when THQ went under. But I want to be sure. As for Kingpin, what sort of time would I be looking at to boost this? How many hours, assuming fairly successful matchmaking and such? I also read about idling and it seems to be slow but reliable, though the prospect of the hours it'd take on my 360 are a bit daunting. If I were to idle for only a portion of my total boosting, would it be better to do it at lower or higher ranks (since the money you earn increases with higher ranks)? Thanks for any answers!
  13. Wow, wasn't expecting answers, and definitely not that online is still active. Does how active the online is affect getting achievements at all? Or are there easy ways to control races so that boosting isn't too hard? After Saints Row and GTA-effin-IV, I'm not sure if I could handle another "boost-against-the-tide" set of multiplayer achievements. EDIT: I'm not looking to boost the game, per se, since I don't even own it yet. It just looked interesting (which is saying a lot since I'm not really a fan of the genre, usually). I always do recon like this before getting a game with online achievements, just in case. Oh, and also, I heard there are avatar awards for this game. Are all of them still obtainable as well?
  14. So all achievements and the full 1250 GS are still fully obtainable for this game, even now?
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