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  1. In terms of skill, proficiency and teamwork, both seem to be relatively equal, though you could argue that Messi is the bigger team player with his work rate. I just think Messi has more heart and honesty in him, and as such I'm drawn to him as a player over Ronaldo.
  2. I saw a fun post saying that when Italy won the world cup in 06, there was an investigation into their club football going on - the same thing is happening now; coincidence?
  3. Kinect Sports 1 and 2 are pretty good in my opinion, and I love Fruit Ninja - Gunslinger and Child of Eden were a waste of space, though, and the voice activation is quirky. I quite liked Kinect on ME3, as well, although I do question whether it's "True Kinect."
  4. Netherlands are my pick - they're reliant on RVP continuing his lethal form though. I actually firmly believe Spain to underperform, and I reckon it'll be a Spain Vs. Germany Final.
  5. I dunno if anyone here will remember me, but I used to use this forum a few years ago. I thought I'd drop back in for a look around! Any questions, take it away.
  6. Ideally, you want to save signatures as a PNG file, for the best quality, with the lowest loss of data. I believe it's called PNG-24 in the "Save for Web and Devices" (Ctrl+Shft+Alt+S) menu.
  7. You have an E-mail ;)

    Have you added me on MSN?

  8. Benet, you are one of the best sig makers I know, keep it up mate!
  9. You always go above and beyond with graphics, Skillet. Amazing work, I'll consider getting WindowsBlinds for it.
  10. Very good entries this week - shame I can't get anything going, I'll probs join the next SOTF when it starts after this cycle. Seedy got my vote, I think everyone has got some VERY good entries, but his stands out slightly more to me.
  11. I'd go madrid - Simple because Football, I feel, is bigger on a global scale.
  12. He didn't say he was? He said he's been doing them for 1-2 years, but sometimes has to stop. As for the signatures, nice work! You've got some that are very, very good!
  13. I have 1 or 2 to do, but this will be done some point soon
  14. Yeah, I'm Wolf over on Graphics Ninja. I answer to Spierce, Wolf or Sam, though. And yes, I do take requests, if you're still interested.
  15. Bit too bright for my liking, and I'm not a fan of the text, I hate to say.
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