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  1. Hello! How do I edit my signature in the new layout? It used to be through the userCP panel but I can't find that anymore. I want to flex on people that I joined in October of 2006 without them having to click on my name.
  2. GT: Hero of Night Game: Mega Man Zero/ZX collection Thanks again team!
  3. If anyone actually puts the work in to gather enough people for a Shadowrun game, I'd totally be down. I'm sitting at the longest completion time in the world, having started it 13 years ago. Also this competition seems meant for me since I'm usually the oldest gamertag on the forums. I've still got my Xbox Live Launch avatar items. Shame I don't think I'll have enough time to compete. BUT maybe I'll talk myself in like I tend to do
  4. This was a warm trip down memory lane. Good times! Thanks a bunch for the work on this.
  5. I played maybe a round or two as a part of the beta. In V1 I was friends with the guys who ran the official club so we were all for it. BUT then whenever v2 actually came out I never really jumped on the bandwagon because I still wanted to completely finish V1. It's on sale for less than $10 now so I'm thinking about it.
  6. I can confirm that Xenon Valkyrie+ is an extremely difficult game. You get better fast but those first 5 hours are ROUGH. Then, no matter how good you are, you have to beat the last achievement without getting hit at all in the last section. I failed going for that one three times straight if I remember right. When I finally beat it I was like sweaty and shaky. This and Vermintide 1 are the completions I'm most proud of.
  7. I think we all felt the unexpected impact. Day 1 was awesome. "Oh man I get to stay home now!? This is great!" But then Day 2 happens and it's "Oh man, everyone else is also staying home!?"
  8. Actually the battle for 3rd place was secretly the battle for 2nd because we're getting disqualified. David set his stuff to private two weeks ago and refused all contact so the staff was really only left with the option to DQ us. I took a gamble taking him as a wildcard and gambles don't always pay off. Honestly I just hope he's OK, wherever he is.
  9. I’m not overly disappointed. I’ve been on record here before defending participation at any level. Ultimately we’re all on the same side in the hunt for more score. Friendly competition makes us all strive more and reach higher. I also finally cleared a ton of backlog. Speaking of, if anyone hasn’t played Little Nightmares yet, do it. It’s like if Spirited Away were a horror movie.
  10. Actually it turns out that working from home with my wife trying to work and my kid out of daycare is a straight up disaster. With my partner going radio silent the last two weeks I think I can comfortably offer my congratulations on first place!
  11. Congratulations guys! You’ve really been putting it in overdrive lately. Hope you’ve got the stamina because I’m still good to go.
  12. I would've never imagined I'd be 4th overall and still feel like I was being carried. David's killing it!
  13. I'm feeling pretty good. Real life got me the last few days but Friday is my day off and I'm hoping to clear my schedule for some big time gaming. Unfortunately I also play Tribal Wars and am leading one of the top 10 tribes in it. I hate having to split my focus but I can't bail on the 40ish people that are counting on me.
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