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  1. Chalk up another challenge help for Burburnator88. Messaged him a few days ago, and as soon as we were both on at the same time, he went to the farming area and found the little guy, and invited me to his game to take him out.
  2. Sweet! I really thought I had shot a lot more guys than 10 off ziplines, but I guess not. Thanks a lot for this, OP!
  3. Done! Just need to finish off my tier 3 charm, then get the remaining item drops and buy any runes I still need after that is done...
  4. Gone through this game twice with this guide, double-checked every one of these crystals in replay. I have 132 crystals and 4/5 shards. I had 132 crystals and 3/5 shards when I finished the first time, and I found exactly one more random shard. Still no achievement. Singleplayer the whole time. WTF.
  5. I've had issues with various exercises (particularly the floor ones) being picked up, but have generally been able to get at least some counted. I just can't get the side planks to register. I tried it so the little picture of me on the screen looked like her. I tried turning around (even though I couldn't see the tv) so I would be doing it the same as she did. I tried turning around so I was doing it on the same arm and seeing the tv. I tried it on the other arm with my head on the opposite side as hers. I tried moving the kinect sensor higher, and lower. I cannot get a single one to register. Please help me figure out what I have to do to get the game to pick up this exercise.
  6. Got everything but the really grindy ones (500 wins / 200 losses), may want to do those eventually, but not any time soon.
  7. I've heard this game's servers are to be shut down soon. I got all the online achievements in about 5 minutes, though...so at least that's good.
  8. And indeed,, still proving useful! Tried darkbola's method and it worked the first time!
  9. Looking to capitalize on 3x XP this weekend...so if I'm on (so long as I'm not watching netflix, in which case I'm spending time with my wife), message me and I'd love to join up for co-op stuff or other things.
  10. Got what I needed from a friend, thanks!
  11. I'm reasonably certain that my last one is getting shot in the head in PVP...because I'm at 24/25 and have never done arena, because I can never get a game. I can get into someone's normal game alright, but no one ever seems to be playing competitive multiplayer.
  12. Looking to get all the online achievements, both co-op ones and Cartographer. My agent is nearly maxed out and likely will be completely by the time anyone messages me about this. And I've got both DLC packs. GT is Skydude252
  13. Maybe if we're lucky, the DLC will go on sale during the Christmas sales.
  14. Having issues with Alpha Protocol, suddenly resetting all achievements when I add some (as in, if I had 14 checked, and added 1, it went to 0...but if, at 0, I added 15, it would save all 15). I've done the "delete" fix several times (yes, the delete, not just the disable). Mix of secret and non-secret achievements. Edit: It seems pretty random what resets it to zero...but certain things seem to do so.
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