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  1. They're not going to go past 1500gamescore with the last DLC, because they are planning on having a season 2 of DLC which will bring 4 more DLC packs and bring it up to 2000 gamescore. Each season 2 DLC pack will add +5 levels. They're also going to be releasing 3 new character classes and 3 new skin / head packs (first one is coming out very soon) You didn't think they'd be done with DLC just 6 months after release, did you? EDIT: They're also planning an extended skill tree DLC pack which will add 4 or 5 new skills to each tree for a total of 12 - 15 added skills per character, and an extra 20 levels. I'm not currently sure if they're going ahead with that or not, though.
  2. Only reason I'm not voting is because there's no neutral options.
  3. I don't even consider achievements. They are literally the worst thing to happen to the videogames in years. Developers will never stop them as they earn more money from achievements. A lot of people will buy DLC even if they don't want it, just because if they don't, their completion will be ruined. People need to realize that there is not a single person in the world, apart form yourself, that gives a single fuck about your gamerscore. Nobody gives a shit, and nobody ever will. I hope that achievements are canned. It'll get rid of the annoying achievement whores.
  4. I was under the impression that the developers had no say in when their game goes DotW.
  5. What's up with people complaining that they delete their Skyrim saves? Do they only keep a single save and turn off auto-save?
  6. Good comment on Spec-Ops The Line about the MP achievements and the way they corrupt gameplay. Its basicly the same way i always feel about MP these days sure when there are achievements involved. Anyways just wanted to stop by and leave a message saying i agree with u :) Btw feel free to add me on xbox live: GT: AirborneRichard

  7. Battlefield has always been as good as CoD.
  8. Your level does not represent how good you are. Your friend is better than you.
  9. Why do people mute people like that? That is most likely going to be your only encounter with them ever again, so why waste time blocking them? If they're constantly sending you messages, block them. Otherwise, there's no point. Just ignore the message. *facepalm*
  10. Yeah, that's what's happening to me at the moment, except no matter what I keep getting put in empty lobbies.
  11. Hey guys. I can't connect to matches anymore. It puts me into a lobby with just myself now. One time I got into a match with just one other person. Is this happening to any of you?
  12. For the past couple of weeks I've been getting disconnected every few minutes, but now I can't even connect at all.
  13. It wasn't meant to be a spectacular game. All they were trying to do is see if it was possible to have a 500v500 battle. They weren't trying to recreate Battlefield for fucks sake. EDIT: Imagine this. In 10 years time when this technology is fully developed, imagine playing in a 500v500 game in a map 15 times bigger than BF3's Caspian Border map for the PC. Holy fucking shitballs.
  14. Are you an idiot? It's listed on Amazon France. It does exist.
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