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  1. I need flawless raider really bad. Is it still possible after age of triumph? And if anyone is willing to pull me threw it and get flawless it would be great. Im willing to try for solo but not finding anything on being able to after the new update. Message me on xbox if youd be willing to help out. Thanks in advance!
  2. Need help with all multi-player achievements. Please message me on Xbox and we can plan a day to get them done. GT: Jhow
  3. Looking for a few more achievements... Golden Artifacts All Aboard! You looking at me Drop the Mic Pendulum Wars Any help with these would be much appreciated. Message me on Xbox Live, my Gamertag is: Jhow
  4. Looking to get all the online ones done. Looking to help anyone that needs it. I will also help people even if I get them all. Just message me on Xbox. GT: Jhow
  5. I only need the Crimson DLC achievements, not sure if you can get them still but message me on Xbox and we can quick boost them out for both of us or anyone that helps. I have 4 controllers and wanna get it done ASAP and I have 4 controllers. (I'm on frequently but if you message me we can plan something out so we can get it done in for both of us in an hour or less hopefully) Gamertag: Jhow
  6. Are there no more special event ribbons anymore? Im just curious cause im stuck at 28/30. If anyone knows how to get more special event ribbons let me know cause I don't want one achievement missing in this game. Please Help!
  7. I need a co-op partner to basically run through the whole game and get all co-op achievements. If anyone else need that too message me on XBL and we can get it done! Sooner the better! GT: Sneaky Supreme
  8. I have all DLC and I need pretty much all spec ops and survival achievements, if anyone needs a lot of them too and if you wanna pair up and get them all done message me on XBL! The sooner the better! GT: Sneaky Supreme
  9. I need to do almost all 3 star vetrean spec ops please message me on XBL and we can get them all done asap. The sooner the better! GT: Sneaky Supreme
  10. Im trying to get a lot of my achievements done by the end of the year, and all i need is the moon dlc ones, anyone that wants to do them with me should message me on XBL. (The sooner the better) GT: Sneaky Supreme
  11. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=325969 [Micro G&R] for Minesweeper (WP7)
  12. Thanks DEADLY DOG! Glad to help

  13. Howdy Jhow.


    Just letting you know your Micro G&R for Minesweeper just went live on x360a! Awesome work.


    ~Live Long and Prosper~

  14. Add me i need to play with a friend and rank up GT: Sneaky Supreme
  15. The link works fine for me, it brings you to a list of pics of each sector. I know when I clicked on the link when I found it it brought me to only one of the maps.
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