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  1. Horses can only fly in skyrim silly only when pretending to be a dragon O_o
  2. Just finished it Agree its amazing hope AC is as great as everyone says cause its next once i finish Combat Challenges.
  3. Shit wasn't that hard Especially if u followed a guide but u are wrong MGS1 had a radar i think it snake tales had a radar it wouldn't have been as difficult as it was
  4. OP I know you are working hard on this guide and i respect that and so far its a pretty good guide but if anyone needs all the locations for the tags i am going to put the website i am using and OP if u want help with locations missables Ect. check it out yourself all the names ARE WRONG as it was for the PS2 but all the locations and missables are rite iv been using this iv done all 76 for the tanker and am going through my easy Plant play through now figured some people might find it useful if there working on this achievement now. It also could save people a play through or 2 by knowing what tags are missable and where the missable ones are. http://www.gamefaqs.com/xbox/561507-metal-gear-solid-2-substance/faqs/20062 Hope this helps some1
  5. Wow did this kid say skyrim is gonna b the same as oblivion :eek: That may b the truly dumbest most ignorant comment i have ever heard........Skyrim will win game of the yr by most bc of how large and amazing the game is supposed to b. It took them 4 yrs to develop and make skyrim how long did it take them to put out this gonna b cut and paste call of duty game a year maybe 2 at most????
  6. Ok so first thax to anyone who can provide useful tips as to how to get gold on any of these 5 levels the levels are 3-3 Quayside 3-4 Iron Works 3-9 The Docks 3-10 The Piazza 3-15 Rebellion All help welcome and appreciated!!!
  7. Agreed it worked first time for me nie solution!!!
  8. Seriously 3.0 R u fucking serious............Have u read some of it complete all 50 waves of horde mode on Insane O_o 6k kills with all ur starting weapons......its just crazy lol
  9. No joke it takes 5 minutes and 3 of those are putting the game in and load screens so yea its pretty much that ezy lol but heres my top 5 easiest basing these on TA ratios lol 1. Avatar TBE 2. Backyard Sports: Backyard football 10 3.TMNT 4.Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 5.Fight Night Round 3 Honerable Mentions MLB 2k6, Madden NFL 06, NHL 2k6, and ACII are all super ezy games as well
  10. Thax u saved me some souls on my Hard run through
  11. Picked it up hoping it will b a good play iv heard good things about it.
  12. Yea this pretty much sums it up for me
  13. Closed Servers and Leaderboard achievements like Quake 4 like.
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