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  1. Yeah they must be. I had played this game back when the DLCs came out and wasn't as big into achievements then as I was now. So looking back I sort of screwed my future self over, haha. I've found most of the list I posted. Currently missing: SNACKS breadstick 3-3-3 PLANTS big tree 1-2-1 The bread stick is honestly the biggest pain in the ass. And I'm pretty sure I know where the big tree is (Cloud 9 Forest, near the camping/zoo whatever areas), but I can't seem to do well enough in Normal Mode to unlock Eternal for that stage. Guess I gotta keep practicing. But honestly I'm ready to pay the person that can tell me where the breadstick is.
  2. Figured I'd see if anyone here as any info on these: SNACKS breadstick 3-3-3 STORES karaoke box 2-2-4 sailboat rental 7-2-2 ENTRANCES & EXITS gate 1-1-4 ADVERTISING company sign 4-2-4 GUIDANCE o sign 2-1-3 PLANTS big tree 1-2-1 ADULTS busy momma 2-2-1 akiko shimano 5-1-3 WORKERS chief driller 1-1-1 PROFESSIONALS governor 1-3-4 COSMOS star 1-3-3 SEWING thread (navy) 1-1-1 ANTIQUE nautilus 1-2-3
  3. Is this definitely confirmed? If I were to buy a disc copy right now, would I be able to earn achievements that would show up on my Xbox Live gamertag?
  4. Yeah, there's a million reasons why this makes no sense. It's a first party Microsoft game... and it doesn't function with the achievement app. So clearly Microsoft isn't concerned with their products having functionality with their apps. Nice one. You can only see it in game for a short second during multiplayer. And there is no in game menu for achievements. It just take you to the app, which doesn't track. They've been making Gears games since 2 with good tracking, so this makes no fucking sense. Especially considering Seriously... is back. You would think people would want to check their progress... apparently not. I tweeted at them and posted in the gearsofwar.com forums about this. I suggest people do the same. Maybe if they see enough complaints they will add it in. The game already has a tracker, so it shouldn't be that difficult to add a menu into a future patch. It's nice to a "remastered, ultimate edition" missing a feature that has been a staple to the series for the past 3 games. They dropped the ball fucking big time on this.
  5. So the game shows achievement progress at the end of matches like previous games did. But when you go to the in game menu and select achievements it just snaps the achievement app which does not track achievements. So you can't even look at your progress unless you're playing multiplayer?
  6. I'm not quite sure what's going on with the install. I just picked the game up today and went to install. Says I have an update, and it stops the install. I have no clue if the update is doing anything, so I let it sit for a while. Then I resume the installation. Problem is, it says it's installing, makes periodic whirring sounds like it's doing something, but then it will say installation stopped. Is this a common thing? I've tried shutting everything down, clearing cache or whatever, using my roommates disc instead of mine. Same deal. Well miraculously after two hours of trying to get it to install and then posting about the issue it's working fine. Classic.
  7. Looking to see if any kind souls want to hook me up with some free gear. Trying to power level my current level 23 Gunzerker up. Thanks! GT: Degduar Marte
  8. Can someone tell me why I am supposedly required to go higher than level 1 for many challenges to get the achievement? Is it a glitch? Because it says complete level 1, yet the guides say some require more. Why is that?
  9. Tried this 3 times and it hasn't unlocked for me. I've done exactly what the guide says in the roadmap and it isn't working.
  10. There is an enormous difference between wanting easy wins and not wanting achievements that will completely ruin a person. I have a lot of difficult achievements to be proud of. Forcing the longevity of a game this way sucks. And for me personally, as someone who is trying very hard to get their completion percentage up, this doesn't help, because I will never get these. I have no desire to subject myself to that. And frankly people shouldn't be okay with it. It's the same deal with season passes and shit. By supporting these dumb decisions, bad developers can continue to have a hold on us because we will still buy into their shit. I'm just one person, so EA not getting my money doesn't make a difference, but I can't be the only one not buying this for these reasons, and it's too bad that is how they are going to miss out on sales.
  11. If you actually think these achievements are reasonable then you're a complete fucking moron.
  12. Yeah those kill achievements are beyond unreasonable. I personally hated the multiplayer (well I actually hated everything about the game but didn't bother to get the 100 achievement points related to the MP) and there is no fucking way I will be picking up the DLC in the hopes to keep my completion percentage up for this game. This has to be some outrageous step in attempting to increase the longevity of the gameplay for people. But seriously fucking explain to me how this shit is even real, because my puny mind cannot comprehend how anyone at EA thought this was even remotely a good idea. But then again it's EA... so I shouldn't be surprised? I don't know. Fuck it. Just fuck it. Hopefully enough people lose their shit over this so they change it, or just give everyone 9,900 kills in each class at the start to make it reasonable. Fuck.
  13. Yeah this is fucking stupid. I should be allowed to "punish" myself on my first playthrough with the hardest difficulty if I so choose to. What makes it even more frustrating is that you can't skip the fucking cutscenes. I rented this game for easy gamerscore, and I'm honestly wasting so much time being stuck sitting through the cutscenes a second time around. Like, maybe it's fair to force to watch your shit story my first playthrough, but I should be allowed to skip the scenes on future playthroughs of the game. Haven't touched multiplayer yet, but fuck, I hate this game so much.
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