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  1. You can automate winning games in Yahtzee as well.
  2. You need to download the new update for the game to get the achievements to start registering.
  3. No. Since there's no way to redownload removed apps through the store, even if you had the legit xap you can't install it. The manual method checks to see if you have the rights to install it, which fails with removed apps.
  4. Try doing a force update check, market > settings > check for updates. While the server may be telling the game that there's a new update, the latest version may not have propagated through to all regions of the store yet if it's only recently put up/
  5. They haven't shut down yet, but they have been announced to shut down.
  6. I've also got the same situation. I've been meaning to try it, but you can could try deleting the disk 1 install, then put disk 2 in and see if it will let you install it first.
  7. Lost Planet 2 thankfully allows you to copy your saves without any restrictions, so like Ataxia suggested just make numerous backup copies.
  8. If you don't mind paying a bit more then you would for a cheaper device like the 520/630, then a Lumia 1030 is a pretty decent option if you just want to play games as It's got a larger screen.
  9. It looked like they had some server issues earlier, they did a restart and it seems to be better now.
  10. If you're like me and you'd bought bioshock 2 but not started it yet on Steam when they released the new patch that removed the view cd key option, then just send steam support a message and they will give you the cd key associated with your account.
  11. You need to rank up to level 30 to get these two. The DLC adds ten new skills, one for each level from 21 - 30.
  12. I just picked one of the races then just drifted round and round in circles at the start point.
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