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  1. Got this game back in Dec 2015 and just hopped back on it. I'm a level 31. Played missions maybe three times. Achievements 365/1690. I'm grabbing the DLC next week. Got a mic and all that good stuff. Been playing again for about two weeks and starting to get good. Just looking for a few people who are interested in getting these achievements and partying up online to get to rank 100. Message me if you're interested! Gamertag - Bugsy Siegel 89
  2. All I need is an ACCURATE list of ALL fishing spots (including Altissia) don't need which fish are there or which lures I need to use. Just locations please and thank you giys
  3. First off Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I'm curious if we have a complete list of all quest, hunts, dungeons, ect. Thanks guys
  4. So while I was driving between Hammerhead and Longwythe I walked away from the tv for a moment and came back to a message saying "Prompto will continue to take pictures of everyone evenly" or something like that. What'd I miss?
  5. Thanks for such a quick response bro! I got 2 questions.. 1) Do side quest have any time restraints? Can I lose my chance of completing this sidequest by continuing through chapter 2 to find a metal scrap? 2) When you said you found a metal scrap while doing chapter 2, was it at any of the places that are able to be visited in chapter 1 of new locations? Because I've turned every stop from chapter 1 upside down looking for items. Thanks again!
  6. Didn't know I was gonna need one for chapter 2! Sold the ones I had because they didn't seem like good catalyst. Definitely learned my lesson. I've been to all the locations early in the game where you can get them and now they won't comeback. Someone wanna help me out please? Thanks guys
  7. Nice! I'm almost 100% sure that I have all the right things completed to get the Yuria ending. The third one you mentioned. Is there anyway to know for sure? Should I go for this ending first since it seems to be the most tedious
  8. Very informative! I have all those item finding items now so that's good. One more question about the ending achievements. What're they and how are they obtained? I have the fire keepers eyes in my inventory (I believe that's what they're called) does that change anything? What ending should I grab first?
  9. So I'm about done with my first playthrough and I'm missing a few rings. They're all the ones that deal with the different covenants you can earn respect from. Can you tell me how to go about getting these and can they still be attained in playthroughs 2,3,4?
  10. In the dungeon. How do you get the item that's has two barred doors gaurding it. I have both keys from the dungeon but still can't seem to find a way in. And also, what's up with this friendly worm like creature in the dungeon? He won't attack me but I can't talk to him
  11. I missed the proper bow gesture.. Just got to the front door of Anor Londor. Anyway to get it on this playthrough or nah?
  12. Can anyone tell me what the stairs next to the church of yorshka bonfire lead up to? Inside the church where you can kill the assassin camo'd in the corner
  13. How do you go about using sorceries such as farron dart? I've only used pyromancy so I'm new to attunement. And why hasn't Patches asked me about Greitats whereabouts? I sent him to look for new items and supposedly patches is suppose to ask me about where he went. Nothing yet. I've progressed a good way through the level.. Left and came back multiple times.. Still nothing
  14. Anyone know why Cornyx in the shrine won't take the grave warden pyromancy tome from me?
  15. I have 4 more covenants to join fir the achievement. 3. Join Mound Makers covenant 4. Join Rosarias Fingers covenant last 5. Join Aldrich Faithful covenant 6. Join Blade of the Darkmoon covenant Can you guys tell me what order I'll encounter these in? Just so I know which to look for next? I'm at the abyss watchers so I no where rosaria is and I know I'll have to take the second option on the mound makers Thanks guys
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