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  1. I find it really sucky that I bought the ultimate collectors edition and that they didn't include this with it, why leave the people who paid the most for the game out of an entire extra game?
  2. I am in England too, I dunno what you are talking about stock wise? I have the game but there are no achievements showing on the achievement tab or app for this game, and yes I have loaded and played the game in case someone assumes I am that stupid haha. Never mind, reloaded it up now and now achievements are showing, I started playing at dead on 00:00 so must have just been some form of delay.
  3. There doesn't seem to be any achievements linked to the game at the moment, I mean there are supposed to be but nothing is appearing on the tab. Hopefully this will get sorted by the time I finish work tomorrow.
  4. ooh I am intrigued by this blue door now... will have to check it out tomorrow, and just unlocked d-horse 'poop on command' but also recently got d-dog so testing him out atm
  5. It may be an intentional way of allowing you to gain more money? the ones at mother base always reset, this seems like a good way of getting some more money whilst boosting moral, seeing extra cutscenes from visiting the base.
  6. Yeah that is exactly what happens to me, its soo annoying
  7. I tried that with the toilet one, got a grenade as a present, so it didn't work, maybe if I am in the toilet and they are near but un-alerted they may be disgusted and run off? Not been in that situation yet though. Anyone wanting to try the Lullabye tape out it is in the storage area across from the cell where you rescue the bionics scientist early in the game, once I used it I found it in the same place again. Also the enemy get wise to your tactics, say you always infiltrate at night they will be more likely to use torches or have nvg, and if you always use headshots they will be more likely to get helmets, you can counteract this with combat deployment once you unlock it, by sending troops out on missions to sabotage enemy equipment supplies, this can include things like nvg or even weapon types such as machine guns. Another tip that isn't exactly explained is that if you destroy the big radars in enemy bases with explosives. you can then use them as hot landing zones. great for completing some side ops quicker. Another thing i found is that you can choose a song from the cassettes for your helicopter to play when you are deploying or evacuating, pretty sweet to be in a epic gun fight when suddenly you hear 'Ride of the valkyries' from the distance coming in to pick you up. Lastly you can place any posters you find onto the cardboard boxes by pressing X when selecting them, soldier ones make the other soldiers salute and there are ones of women too.
  8. So, is it just me that has an issue where the game will occasionally appear to stutter and cause me to lose control over snake? this has gotten me killed once or twice and certainly caused me to get detected, walking straight into the enemy whilst trying to pull him back...
  9. I am certain yes, I found a second copy of the tape, you have to be near the guard, un-alerted and make sure to play the tape on the loud speaker
  10. Hey just thought it would be cool to share little things we have found in the game. On, I think, the mission where you extract the guy who made the bionic arm there was a cassette called afghan lullaby, Knowing old kojima I played the tape next to a guard with it on speaker and the guard fell asleep. this seemed to use up the tape however. Has anyone else found similar tapes with a different use? *Update* Found another special tape named 'recorded in the toilet' Haven't found a use yet, if anyone finds out any more/how to use this special tapes let me know.
  11. I have the same thing, was gonna have a little go before bed but its showing no sign of doing anything with the update, no progress bar or anything...
  12. remember when you would see cut-scenes on old ps1 games and you'd be like 'wow imagine if the whole game was this detailed lol. example final fantasy 7 [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noSg9_ZuUAI]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noSg9_ZuUAI[/ame]
  13. i reccomend buying the dragon age origins awakening disc instead of waiting for deal of the week as it includes all dlc and is cheaper anyway

  14. probs super mario kart for me, good multiplayer times when everyone had to share the same small SD tv's lol
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