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  1. With the news that Gamespy is closing down their servers I was wondering if anyone knows if Bulletstorm will also be closed down? I tried looking it up, but all I can find that is bulletstorm and gamespy related is this page: http://xbox360.gamespy.com/xbox-360/people-can-fly-project-ea/ which seems to be just a review about the game, not a fact that Gamespy actually hosts Bulletstorm
  2. Yep that seems the problem. I have had it happen a couple of times as well when playing with some American friends (I'm in the EU) but for me it was no more then 10 seconds.
  3. The easiest I found was the German TD line, does some great damage Also started on the US TD line a few days ago and already have all upgrades for the Wolverine (Tier 5) so that line is quite easy as well. The Great Brittain line is very slow though, since you can't do a whole lot of damage with the basic guns and they're very slow so you can pretty much go one path and before you know it the time is over
  4. I would recommend getting it There's even people still playing it, both campaign and versus. Just today started playing it again, since almost 1,5 years
  5. Great guide indeed! Too bad the melee weapon one glitched (Already up to 11 different melee weapon kills but still no achievement) Also on the wiki there is a full list of weapons, but I don't know if that's up-to-date or complete http://sleepingdogs.wikia.com/wiki/Weapons
  6. Ubisoft already confirmed that they won't be doing a modern day version any time soon. Edit: In the one of the computer hacks it also gets mentioned that if people drive a car that they go in some sort of auto pilot mode and that causes for it not to appear in their DNA Minor spoiler down below! If you have to hack the CEO's computer in present day you read an email conversation and in that 2 other era's are mentioned that haven't been turned into a game. Which is Egypt/North Africa and Shogunate Japan Also in one of the L2 security rooms there is a picture of Assassins Creed Phoenix Rising, but not sure if that's an easter egg or not (since it was rumored to be a game, but Ubisoft said it wasn't maybe they put it in there for fun)
  7. Well to gain access to hidden files or something. I've heard someone in the lobby talking about finding a secret file and then he got a warning and his position in the company is under review
  8. Had the same thing happen to me, I just restarted the memory from the start menu
  9. And side cannons exist out of regular shots (LT + RT) and heavy shot (Just RT) Also I can confirm chainshot is the chase cannons as I have just upgraded them and it shoots more chainshots now
  10. I'm at 7/9 now and I still need to the single sword and rope dart. I did kill an enemy with the rifle by stabbing them though, never actually killed anyone with a shot of it.
  11. Thanks, seems my friends are not into the fleet that much then
  12. Total amount of recruited crew members can be found in the start menu under Database > Statistics > Pirate statistics
  13. How exactly do you help friends? Does it just go automatically? Because I haven't seen anything that will allow me to help my friends (Yes, they do have Black Flag)
  14. Missed out on: 48) Michael Woo - Fortune park (no mission) near the save and maintenance room in the center (case 7) 97) Matthew Kuss Fortune park (no mission) near the save and maintenance room in the center (case 7) Because I taught I was done with all survivors-_-" Great guide though! Helped me a lot!
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