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  1. Here is a Reaper solo clip. I have plenty of other clips if youre interested check them out and subscribe.
  2. I love this game. I havent moved my clips to Youtube yet but I have had mine on the game hub and trending section. I currently have my new one in the trending section and on my feed; its called Shootin Guns Wit Dva. If you have a spare moment check out my feed. Ill come back and post mine once I move them to youtube.
  3. Never mind. It just took a long while for my achievements to pop. Guides not needed but still a excellent guide. Thanks and hit me up on X1 man.
  4. I have achievements that have failed to unlock and the progress bar is not filled indicating that I have completed the necessary requirements to unlock them. I play classic, live board, 6 player with one controller, I'm the only profile signed in and the achievements were very slow to pop but now after 3 games I still have some that refuse to unlock. Hours later I played a game everything the same but this time I played on a regular board and I should have unlocked the Precocious achievement but instead the Out of Stock achievement popped and I should have unlocked that games/hours ago. I even restarted my console and still they're not working right. Also hit me up Deadly.
  5. This only worth a rent if you played the other versions. I loved the single player but they failed to properly use the DLC, they could have added actual tombs/puzzles rooms instead of unwanted multiplayer. This game sold well and got good ratings but Square Enix expected this to sell absurd numbers and now want to double dip. They should have just sold it at reduced price and some would have been more tempted to repurchase. I will play it again but won't 1k it again.
  6. The fact that you havent had fun in a multiplayer game since COD4, is the reason you should have a little hope in Titan Fall; its made by the same people. COD2 & COD4 are two of the best multiplayer games I have played and they provided hours of fun and made me a fan. Me and my friends have been waiting for Respawn to come back and show us what they wanted to make. Im not saying its going to kill COD but I think it will be a nice option out there for people who are looking for a FPS multiplayer thats not COD.
  7. Thanks for putting this together and don't worry about it being early as many others have been doing it lately. As long as the guide gets finished and helps the community, people wont mind. Thanks.
  8. Sucks to hear this is happening to some of you. I can say I didnt have any problems and got the 50% achievement right when I should have on the Gorn Planet. I will also state that I did not at any point use chapter select during my playthrough or continue on until I did every Commendation.
  9. For the part you speak about on the Gorn Planet, I had the same thing happen to me. I restarted and this time I did not hack the turret or the drone. The problem is that you hack the turret and one of the Gorn enemies will walk into the room and the turret reacts. I do agree though that it is silly that you are to be stealthy but there is no stealth way to really handle a drone. If you destroy it, you fail; if you hack it, it will cause you to fail; if you stun and then try to destroy it, you fail. You just have to maneuver around them and never hack them or a turret.
  10. There is a bridge that got blown up; run and jump over the bridge. You will barley make it and your character will grab the ledge press A and pull yourself up. I had the same problem in this area and was stuck for a minute or two but I had Spock jump over and thats when I tried it.
  11. Ive had just floating heads and guns, repeating melee swipes, frozen on black screen, frozen looking at the sky and my AI team mate dies at the end every time even in aggro.
  12. I was loving this game until this; 5 times this muthafucka has died during the cutscene. I even saved agrro until I had to plant c4 so he would be invincible.
  13. Nerves of Steel: I would suggest Act 2 mission 1. There are maybe 14-20 enemies, very little to no wind, most kills are up close, no overwatch and mission can be completed in 15min or less or expert.
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