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  1. Hey message me at longdillon1 on here or MAVERICKDILLON over xbox live. I want to boost the online achievements for this game.


  2. Best place to do it is at port! Get on the long dock at mission select and your good to go. Just dont fall off and youll get it easily.
  3. Im looking to do the online achievements in mayhem. Im on right now and can be on pretty much anythime. Let me know and we can knock these out. Ill only have the game for a few more days. Message me anytime at Gamertag: MAVERICKDILLON DONE! THANKS GAMERTAG: CRUSTYDIRTDEMON
  4. Haha a little overdue is putting it lightly. Thanks and now that I know I will.
  5. I need the 1stlord online achievement. Im willing to help with other achievements. Gamertag is: MAVERICKDILLON PLEASE HELP!
  6. please add maverickdillon to the 100k thread. didnt know about it until now and I have nearly 160k. thanks
  7. Im taking a trip to Reno for the weekend on friday. Im gonna set this up friday morning and see if I can have it sunday night! Some of you guys say you dont wanna spend too much money and would rather spend 20+ hours grinding it out? You can spend 30 or 40 dollars and have a controller do all the work on a boring ass achievement. You can also use this for street fighter games, 5th grader arcade and many other games. One of the best things ive ever [email protected]
  8. I had a few games do this to me. Namely this one and sonics!
  9. Got mine on level 8 at the final loading screen. I had 813k after all bonuses! WHEW! I thought I wouldnt get it!
  10. Got it. I used the hard settings and saved probably 2000 times after damn near every enemy! It was a bitch. Thanks to everyone on this entire forum!
  11. Thanks for the post. I was freaking out about this achievement and then I randomly got it by the rounds ending and me cheating once per round. We should really have this added to the achievement guide.
  12. Hi all Does anyone have any tips for the lawlessness achievement for cheating 5 times in a row successfully? Any tips would be great! Thanks
  13. After my above post! This games AI is a ridiculous joke! THEY ARE FUCKING RETARDED! In a cap the flag game they stand by the flag and do nothing! I HATE THIS FUCKING GAME! It was fun at first but is highly repetative and stupid!
  14. Hi all, I just found and reverted my 10th chalkboard and the achievement didnt pop? any ideas why? thanks
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