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  1. I've seen auctions on eBay for digital copies of games but most of them are for an account that you can purchase and then add the account to your console and purchase the game through the store with it. I'm confused by how this works. It may also be worth noting all of these auctions are out of Istanbul, Turkey. Can someone explain this to me please?
  2. The first person to get 1,000 posts. Congratulations.

  3. Hey man how do i link my xbox live account to this site which im already a member of????

  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday man!

  6. do you no how to link my gamer points to this site.

  7. Hello there !

    I'm new to the Forum. Could you tell me how to send a Comment from me in to the Forum ? Thank u so much.



  8. For all the DLC achievements that only require two people to do, can you do it in split-screen with another XBL profile? Like if my cousin recovered his gamertag onto my xbox and then we split screened with both of us online, would we still be able to unlock achievements or do we have to be on two separate Xbox's?
  9. Wow what a shock. I read that you were once an admin (makes sense based on one of your early posts I read) but got banned for gamesaving. But your still here (some). :confused:

  10. sorry. i didn't word that to good.

    The award points. See you have two 1000 points and the uno-silver.


    are these xbox 360 Achievements or are they Awards you get on this website?


    i think thats sounds a little beter

  11. Are these awards points you get online in this website or are they xbox achievements????

  12. Thanks man, printing it out now
  13. you put a block off the streets around an atm with cars so an ambulance can't get to it, wait for somebody to withdraw money from the atm, kill them, take the money, walk a block away and come back and the money they dropped is there again, just keep walking back and forth, as long as the ambulance can't get to the person the money should keep coming back.
  14. Well i've only read of one man army, walk free, and cleaned the mean streets being disabled, what's the 4th one?
  15. i went and bought gears yesterday, finally. tried to load it up this evening, to play this disc put it in an xbox 360 console. tried loading it again, same thing, tried loading without hard drive on, same thing. took it back to eb and the guy gave me another one and said if it doesnt work to call MS cause theirs a recall on all systems made before january 1st. that true? anybody else have this issue? cause the one he gave me wont load either. i find it hard to believe that its my console cause every other game i have loads fine, even the call of duty 3 i purchased at the same time as gears.
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