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  1. I've seen auctions on eBay for digital copies of games but most of them are for an account that you can purchase and then add the account to your console and purchase the game through the store with it. I'm confused by how this works. It may also be worth noting all of these auctions are out of Istanbul, Turkey. Can someone explain this to me please?
  2. For all the DLC achievements that only require two people to do, can you do it in split-screen with another XBL profile? Like if my cousin recovered his gamertag onto my xbox and then we split screened with both of us online, would we still be able to unlock achievements or do we have to be on two separate Xbox's?
  3. Thanks man, printing it out now
  4. you put a block off the streets around an atm with cars so an ambulance can't get to it, wait for somebody to withdraw money from the atm, kill them, take the money, walk a block away and come back and the money they dropped is there again, just keep walking back and forth, as long as the ambulance can't get to the person the money should keep coming back.
  5. Well i've only read of one man army, walk free, and cleaned the mean streets being disabled, what's the 4th one?
  6. i went and bought gears yesterday, finally. tried to load it up this evening, to play this disc put it in an xbox 360 console. tried loading it again, same thing, tried loading without hard drive on, same thing. took it back to eb and the guy gave me another one and said if it doesnt work to call MS cause theirs a recall on all systems made before january 1st. that true? anybody else have this issue? cause the one he gave me wont load either. i find it hard to believe that its my console cause every other game i have loads fine, even the call of duty 3 i purchased at the same time as gears.
  7. thanks for pointing that theme out manatee, it will do till some get updated. you should be able to search by 2.0 compatibility only or somethin along those lines
  8. would be nice if it was compatible with firefox 2.0 anyone got links for some good themes that are compatible, i cant find any p.s. i like themes that are dark, so if you can find some of those, much appreciated
  9. try driving around the block over and over and over, worked for me a couple of times
  10. got my issue today, but it was a bonus issue since they havent received my order for a renewal subscription yet, so no game disc hopefully it will be put on the marketplace in the next week or two
  11. why all of a sudden is everyone sending me messages over live in different languages first was the perfect gun and his spanish message then perfect gun again with his russian message then maslan with his russian message then gun with another russian message gotta love the altavista babel fish translator ps. im not dead, jus not posting a lot, but like you guys noticed anyways
  12. electric razors dont always work, my dad has never been able to get one to cut his facial hair and neither have i
  13. im pretty sure thats what xbox.com says
  14. i think he meant like a reputation system installed on the forums, like a vbulletin extension or something
  15. i dont think i have ever left feedback for someone
  16. 66% quit early, prolly when i was doing online top spin, maybe quake 4
  17. hmm i didnt know you could use them for pcs and what not, heres one similar to mine http://www.compusa.com/products/product_info.asp?pfp=BROWSE&No=0&N=200713+401503&Ne=400000&product_code=339564&Pn=Wireless_A_G_Game_Adapter i got mine awhile back so its just a wireless g/b one not the a/g/b one that is shown there, but it would essentially do the same thign
  18. i have a linksys wireless g gameing adapter, it works fine when i have to use the wireless connection
  19. yea i have respect for that, i dont have no where near enough patients to have stuck with that. ps. gotta backup v for vendetta, shrink slows the computer to a crawl wont be posting.
  20. had that feeling with top spin, no.1 world rank and end career with 1000 points, easy to some of you guys but sports games are not my best field, took a lot of exiting to the dash before the autosave kicked in.
  21. plus football manager saves dont even fit on a memory unit so it wouldnt be of much use to most people anyways, yea i know you guys lost respect for him for not admitting, and for passing that save around, but still taking the time to do that deserves even the most minute amount of respect
  22. i know i wouldnt have thought to look there either, i thought it was a pretty fun game actually but i have always been a fan of tomb raider games, even the first one, i used to watch my uncle play it when i was like 5 or 6 i would have never went through all 50 games, i jus always looked at the common games saves are used on, he should atleast get some respect points for that 1000 in ridge racer though.
  23. if i see him on aim ill let him know you lifted it as well, had you seen the tomb raider before ????? edit: damn krazie did you go through all 50 games in his profile?
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