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  1. someone posted them in this forum before but i can't find them anymore
  2. There seems to be a disconnect between the Devs, Publishers and or Microsoft when stuff like this happens. Who's responsible for this? is it Microsoft that handles the achievements being updated?
  3. I agree with all those points. But a tip for turning around faster that not a lot of people know about: You can do a quick 180 turnaround by holding LB and pressing down on both thumbsticks.
  4. I'm fortunate enough to be able to afford all the games I want and it's DLC. That said, I believe all DLC is a cash grab whether or not it is in service to the consumers. Honestly, used games sales is the one to blame for this era downloadable content. It's to make you keep your game longer so you don't sell your game back. It also cushions the lost sales they get from used game purchases. I think its a fair trade to Capcom and the devs to get what they deserve. If you don't like it, don't buy it. If you feel like you're missing out on the narrative, its ok, the game isn't even RE canon.
  5. Got mine a few hours ago. Thanks to the EA mods and NFS Drew!!
  6. Awesome. That's all I have left! Thanks to the mods and NFSDrew!
  7. I wish people had a source when they post news like this Don't get my hopes up or I'll be heartbroken.
  8. ^That's an outdated loading menu screen, i don't think that's true.
  9. I know, seriously right? What about the people who couldn't get raceday 2 over the weekend because of the servers' being down?
  10. EA totally deserves its "worst company" award from The Consumerists. What A-holes...
  11. Just got a pm from one of the mods. He says its down and they're working to fix it according to there twitter page. I hope it gets fixed because tomorrow is the last day for the community race day 2 achievement.
  12. I don't know what's going on, it says there are two race days available with activity in them but its not letting anyone join. Hope they fix it soon.
  13. I can't find a match either. What gives?
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