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  1. So I beat the game and then beat the epilogue. Yes yes it’s a different character but I thoughT all my stuff would come back. Also - it seems I have to go meet all the strangers again as I found strangers I had already done going through the main story. So now I have a choice of starting all again after the epilogue or going to a save before the end game to complete the little bits there. Anyone else completed and have thought on this?
  2. Are the achievements now live via the preview or do we still need to wait until day of release to start earning them?
  3. So yeh. Does this become available for download as soon as we pre-order or do we have to wait until an official release date? Thanks
  4. How can you be playing the xbox one version? As it hasn't released yet. I think you are playing the 360 version as a backward compatible game on your xboxone. Your best bet would be to check the achievement guide on the South Park TSOT 360 page. A this forum is for the new xbox one version that has been announced. Hence there are little posts. Go here... http://www.xboxachievements.com/game/south-park-the-stick-of-truth/guide/
  5. When you search for a game on this site. At the right of the game title it will say what platform it is on. Anything with Xbox one, means the achievement list is for xbox one. Anything with 360 means its a 360 game and the achievement list is for the 360. This has nothing to do with a game being backwards compatible. If a game is backwards compatible and you play it via the xbox one, you are actually launching the 360 platform and earn achievements for the 360 game you are playing. Hope that helps.
  6. So in 20 boxes you got a Legendary skin - I'd say that was pretty good. As for characters you use. I suggest you branch out a little. As for the voice clips. Some of them are actually really funny. I think you're bypassing some real little gems of content and quirks that this game is all about. Embrace it all
  7. A bit harsh I think. There certainly is a learning curve and the car can be quite hard to control at high speeds when you get a knock but then that's just physics. This game can be a little painful at times especially when you restart, you have to start the cup again but that's what games are for...Enjoyment and playability. If it was too easy you would 100% it as quick as it took to download and never play it again. I enjoy these little racers. Being of the micro machines generation, I think they are really fun. I would recommend for £3/$5 everybody gets this. It will be an easy enough 1000gs
  8. Does anyone have tips on 4ghosts x2, x3, x4 in a single round?
  9. So I figured this would show up so I could use it in the single player but I cant find it in any of the cars cars classifications. It should be in 1960's but its not there. I would rather not buy a car from that period if should already have one. Any ideas anyone?
  10. You get Alan Wake + dlc's with the boxed copy regardless of pre-order. You get a free win10 version + alan wake + dlc's + AW nightmare for pre-ordering on the dash. I'm sure you would have got some extra codes and it would have been detailed when you bought the game on the cdkeys website. Alan wake is cheap anyway. So you got a new game for $40 which is good. Buy AW on disc.
  11. Can anyone tell me how much of this game can be completed in the 10hours you get from EA access? ill prb buy it when it gets cheaper or trade for it at somepoint.
  12. I think you need to head over to ps3throphies.org or just off a cliff with ps3 in hand haha
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