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  1. Looking for a player to do the coop achievements Gt: brownstar ninja
  2. Looking for someone to guide me through the rest of the quest achievements, I’m Lvl 40 300+ light
  3. Looking for someone who plays this game and knows how to go through it with ease. GT brownstar ninja
  4. If anyone sees this, I’m looking for someone who can face me in Ultimate team head to head. GT: brownstar ninja
  5. Add me, looking to beat missions GT brownstar ninja
  6. Looking for the achievements, weekends are when I play for many hours at a time GT brownstar ninja
  7. Looking for someone to help me level up quick so we can beat all missions Gt: brownstar ninja
  8. Late to the party, looking to get a bunch of the title update achievements. GT: brownstar ninja
  9. I'll have this game for a while if anyone wants to get some achievements in it GT: brownstar ninja
  10. I'm about to start this game, anyone who wants to play and show me the ropes GT: brownstar ninja
  11. Looking for a coop partner. Add and message me GT: brownstar ninja
  12. Does anyone play this anymore, send me a message on Xbox
  13. Hi. im just starting the game and anyone willing to start a new game with me and show me the ropes would be appreciated (yes i beat borderlands 1)
  14. So you need 10 people to play, and you can invite them without making it a "private match"
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