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  1. Nor do I. Jack unfortunately seemed to be an undeveloped character. I would have liked him to be a somewhat more engaging character with whom players could sympathize, but, unfortunately, Rockstar neglectfully tacked Jack onto the game at the last minute, making Jack an awkward, one-dimensional character.
  2. Before I give my opinion on RDR's ending, I should state that I truly do love this game. The story, the setting, the characters - not much is wrong with this game. However, I must admit that I am disappointed with the ending. My dissatisfaction is not with John Marston's death. On the contrary, I think that he needed to die in order to recompense his past transgressions and redeem himself with an act of true heroism. My dissatisfaction is with Jack Marston's revenge on Edgar Ross. It seemed to be cold-blooded, thoughtless, and empty. Althout it is understandable for Jack to want to kill the ruthless scumbag who murdered his father, it is also shallow and devoid of any meaning. Instead of living a peaceful life away from crime and murder, Jack followed the bloodied path his father never wanted him to follow. With the death of Edgar Ross, Jack became the man John was. Also worth mentioning is that Jack perpetuated the cycle of violence and vengeance. In killing Edgar Ross, Jack not only became a murderer but also opened the door to desired vengeance. Will the public not view Ross as a hero and a victim and Jack as a villain and an outlaw? Will the government not want retribution? Indeed these are the consequences of Jack's thoughtless action. What I would have preferred would be an alternative to killing Edgar Ross - a choice to defeat him in a duel and refuse to kill him. How satisfying it would have been to frighten Edgar Ross and tell him, "Being the better man, I will not kill you."! Such a choice would have changed Jack's path and made his late father proud. Unfortunately, however, this alternative was not provided, forcing all players to commit a shallow action. Because of this, I am admittedly dissatisfied. I would like to hear your opinions. Is my postulation agreeable? Would an alternative have been interesting?
  3. I'm having some trouble in finding a Frazer Manhattan. According to the guide, it was presumably found at the corner of Hill St. and 4 St., but unfortunately I can't find it. Does anyone know where I may find this automobile? Some help would be appreciated.
  4. I have a question. How do I view the in-game list of vehicles? I would like to know which specific vehicles I am currently missing.
  5. I have a question. How do I view the in-game list of vehicles? I would like to know which specific vehicles I am currently missing.
  6. Having just witnessed this game's inconclusive ending, I can say that I want only one thing from DLC: closure. [spoiler=ID]I would like future DLC to allow players to continue in the shoes of Jack Kelso, being tasked with exposing the Vice desk's corruption and taking down bona fide scumbag Ray Earle. Judging by what I read from one newspaper's headline and witnessed from a certain cutscene, this isn't a far-fetched desire, for it is implicated that a certain investigator is aiming to successfully purge Ad Vice of its corruption. I think most would agree that bringing Roy to justice would bring closure to L.A. Noire's central story arch.
  7. Well, I'm not sure whether that is applicable in my situation, because I never downloaded the title patches at all. Therefore, when I download the patches for the first time, will I lose my rank?
  8. After recently purchasing Red Dead Redemption, I decided to play offline without any title updates because, according to a friend of mine, the title updates significantly decrease the amount of XP one could earn while grinding at Armadillo's Twin Rocks gang hideout. I have been grinding in System Link Free Roam: currently, I am at level 31. However, I have grown concerned that my rank may be reset upon my downloading the title updates. Will my rank be reset if I download the title updates? Can I import my offline rank to an online game? I would appreciate clarity, thank you.
  9. Well, I understand your point, and to an extent, I can agree. However, I'll provide a few reasons why certain metal heads despise metalcore and "nu-metal". Before I even begin, though, let's clear something out the way. "Nu-metal" is NOT a sub-genre of metal. It's not metal or rock but merely a poorly coined term referring to bands that began to play an alternative style of heavy music around the mid-1990's. Most "Nu-metal" bands are actually classified under the "Hard Rock", "Alternative Rock", "Rapcore", and "Alternative Metal" genres. So, for the sake of being correct, let's just acknowledge that the term refers to a generation of bands instead of an actual sub-genre. Now, many metal heads dislike bands classified under the "Nu-metal" term for a few reasons. First of all, some of those alternative bands employ rapped vocals, and rapping is something that a listener of a black metal band like Emperor or Enslaved would not want to hear. Secondly, many of those "Nu-Metal" bands are, as I mentioned previously, not metal bands. Some of them play Hard Rock (like Adema and Papa Roach), some play Alternative Rock (like Linkin Park, Incubus, and P.O.D.), some play rapcore (like Limp Bizkit, Hollywood Undead, and Vanilla Ice), and some (The actual metal bands) play Alternative Metal (like Korn, Disturbed, Slipknot, and System of a Down). The reason why Alternative Metal bands are often crapped upon lies behind the fact that these bands usually employ repetitive guitar riffs, lack guitar solos in their songs, and usually utilize clean singing. I don't agree with the average metal head's narrow-minded conception of "Alternative Metal" bands, but I do agree with the rejection of non-metal groups like Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, and Papa Roach. Now, let's move onto metalcore. Metalcore is a tricky genre, because it's an amalgamation of heavy instruments with screaming, a product of hardcore punk. Some metalcore bands are actually more punk than metal (like Bullet for My Valentine and Atreyu), but most are technically metal bands. However, many metal heads openly revile the extensive punk elements found in metalcore, but in actuality, if punk did not exist, genres like thrash metal, death metal, and black metal would also not exist, for those genres were contrived by punk. I hope this provides you with a more extensive understanding of why metal heads hate bands listed under those sub-genres.
  10. I'm quite an open-minded metal head, so my tastes range between Alternative Metal (System of a Down; "nu-metal" is not a real genre. It's just a "style", just as "hair metal" was a "style" and not a genre) and Black Metal (Enslaved). Next to the names of the listed bands are their respective specific genres of metal. Here I go... Bison B.C. (Sludge Metal) Deftones (Alternative Metal) Demon Hunter (Metalcore) Dio (Heavy Metal) Disturbed (Alternative Metal) Enslaved (Progressive Black Metal) Godsmack (Alternative Metal) Gojira (Progressive Death Metal) Killswitch Engage (Metalcore) Korn (Alternative Metal) Kylesa (Sludge Metal) Mastodon (Progressive Stoner Metal) Meshuggah (Technical Thrash Metal) Metallica (Thrash Metal) Ministry (Industrial Metal) Motörhead (Heavy Metal) Nightwish (Symphonic Power Metal) Opeth (Progressive Death Metal) Pantera (Groove Thrash Metal) Primordial (Folkish Black Metal) Prong (Industrial Metal) Sepultura (Thrash Metal) Symphony X (Progressive Metal) System of a Down (Alternative Metal) Testament (Thrash Metal) Tool (Alternative Metal)
  11. This is a good method for the food and weapon damage achievements, but may I suggest an alternative method for netting the weapon damage achievements? Last night I realized something; you can't kill your teammates while Hardcore mode is disabled. Reducing their health bars to '0' only knocks them into unconsciousness; they'll simply get back up after a few seconds. So, this was my plan: (Note: It's recommended to raise the level for the skill which you plan on using. Utilizing the HELIOS ONE XP exploit is recommended.) 1. Gather every team mate in the game and send them to Lucky 38's Presidential Suite. 2. Go down there and beat the shit of all them until you've dealt 10K damage for the achievements you desire. The best part is that they never attack you, so you can keep kicking their asses for as long as you like. Sure, utilizing this method won't help you to get healing achievements, but at least this is the safest method in the game! (No splash damage at all, unless you accidentally hurt yourself.)
  12. This is becoming very ridiculous. The DLC has been out for over a month now, yet the patch still is not released. Please, Microsoft, release the patch already! It's been in certification for over a week now!
  13. May you be more specific? With what battle are you struggling?
  14. I don't really care. As long as Bungie does NOT implement new rank-related achievements, I will not care.
  15. Mastodon - Crack the Skye (Instrumental) Mastodon - Oblivion (Instrumental) Motorhead - We Are the Roadcrew Ministry - Stigmata Ministry - Thieves Prong - Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Necks Rob Zombie - Superbeast Testament - For the Glory of... I loved most of the songs on the track list, but I must admit that I was quite disappointed to see 90's Groove Metal kings like Pantera and Sepultura missing in action. Seriously, who would not want to hear "Walk" while driving around the wastelands?
  16. Dear Lord...I am hoping and praying that Bungie will not implement new achievements related to these ranks. Earning 20,000,000 Cr for an achievement would certainly be quite an arduous task.
  17. However, you failed to mention that the ones who were penalized attempted this exploit more than one time.
  18. To the OP: Honestly, I think that hosting a poll declaring that you will cease to play Reach because an XP nerfing is due shortly is an extreme reaction to a mildly annoying problem. The reason why you are distressed is because you probably depend extensively on Gruntocalypse and Score Attack for quick CR. Well, may I suggest an alternative that will solve your problem? If you are still working towards the rank of Captain, then Bungie's announcement to nerf XP should inspire you to farm Gruntocalypse incessantly for the next several days. Once you reach Captain, utilize the "Make It Rain" exploit mentioned on these forums to save yourself the trouble of reaching Lt. Colonel. If you follow my advice, you will have 1,000 and will no longer feel the inclination to worry about rank-related achievements in this game (Well, you won't need to worry unless new rank achievements are released in the near future.) See? This is not such a convoluted problem, now is it?
  19. While playing Mission 3 on Legendary yesterday, I used the Target Locater to destroy two ghosts and one enemy gunship. All three vehicles exploded in one blast, yet I didn't receive the "Two Corpses in One Grave" achievement. Not thinking much of it, I decided to finish the level before attempting to nab the achievement again on Normal difficulty. After successfully destroying both Wraiths at the start of 'Rally Point Alpha' with the Target Locater, I was stunned to see the achievement not unlock. I tried several more times on Normal and on Heroic, and the achievement still didn't unlock, EVEN THOUGH I destroyed both in one Target Locater blast! Has anyone experienced any other achievement glitches, and is there a way to fix this glitch? Much help would be appreciated.
  20. Ever since BioShock 2's Minerva's Den was released, I've noticed a trend in how Microsoft handles Xbox.com's virtual perception of DLC achievements. I'm sure many of you have noticed it as well, but allow me to provide some examples to the uninformed. BioShock 2 - Minerva's Den DLC Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days - The Doggie Bag DLC pack Mass Effect 2 - Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC pack Dragon Age: Origins - Witch Hunt DLC Mafia II - Jimmy's Vendetta DLC All of the above download packs share a common problem: their DLC achievement pictures have yet to update on Xbox.com. If you visit the achievement lists for these games, you'll notice that the achievement pictures associated with their respective DLC appear as nothing more than shallow, blank question marks. Although at first this seemed to be just a minor quirk in the system, this is occurring too frequently. If Microsoft has yet to update the pictures for the achievements of these DLC packs, why would they not fail to update the achievement pictures for future DLC? Yes, it is nothing too important; however, I would really like to know why Microsoft is failing to update Xbox.com in this manner.
  21. Hey guys, I set up a second account called "AoT Boosters". If you need the multiplayer achievements, send this account a friend request and view its friends to see if any other boosters are online and willing to boost. I thought this would be an efficient way of keeping Army of Two boosters close for quick sessions.
  22. I just had an idea that may allow someone to unlock the "Try a Tutorial" achievement. Although it has been said that it is impossible to attain this achievement unless you are ranked, one should try to rank himself above 10,001+ by continuously boosting and winning matches against someone else. It is correct that everyone NOT ranked is at 10,001+; however, is it not possible for one to boost his way higher by attaining more win points and winning more games? Wouldn't someone eventually transcend 10,001+ by continuously winning? I think it's worth a shot.
  23. Really? Wow, this is quite disappointing. I did plan on going back and completing the remaining '0' point Achievements that I am missing.
  24. I just noticed something: the 'Power Pack' for Kameo has been removed and is nowhere to be found on Xbox.com or the Xbox Live Marketplace. I did find this page, but whenever I try downloading it, a message tells me, "This content is no longer available in your region." Did Microsoft remove this DLC without telling anyone, and why was it removed? I hope someone can enlighten me on this matter.
  25. I, disappointed, currently sit with an overall boosted Warzone kill count of 10,600. I'm praying to God I don't need to get more than 12,000.
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