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  1. cant belive this works brillant on time trials u can just leave your phone on table and youwill still win
  2. great will have to try this when i unlock rio cheers
  3. do it from the outside of the bowl and gap flying across the dip into the bowls, you should land near the table on the slant
  4. analoug havent tried d pad yet off to try . . .
  5. i quite like the remake still glitchy but im sure they will patch
  6. projectives is much harder and having problems with hawkman one
  7. I personaly don't like the kinect hope it doesn't spoil the game in any way
  8. Wow I know flu games aren't gelreat and again it is a freemium but wow does this suck this is the slowest clunk fest I have ever played, this is shocking this ever got released im still in two minds if I should delete this now or try to get some achivos out of it . . .
  9. I lost interested after 2 i feel they got a bit silly after
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