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  1. Let's say you are trying to do the Transport Pilot achievement with a friend but you both are terrible at controlling air vehicles, the person that wants to get the achievement should just wait for a helicopter at spawn. Once that person gets into one as the pilot, just stay there and don't move. The other player should be going for the flag. Once the other player grabs the flag, just let the opposing team kill you. Now spawn into the chopper and the pilot should get the achievement immediately.
  2. For Scavenger Hunt, it's straightforward as in just don't purchase anything from it whatsoever right? Meaning I can possess it, browse through the items being sold, and still gain the achievement?
  3. These aren't that tough. You guys have probably done a lot of these time and time again especially in past Halo games. It just didn't matter then... the only one I see being trouble is the 20 stomp attacks with the Mantis. Not only do you have to be at a close distance without letting them board you, you have to have some luck in making sure they don't have the plasma pistol.
  4. Edit: nvm, just got in a game of conquest
  5. I FINALLY GOT 1000/1000 for this game!!!! Oh man, it took me almost a week just to beat those damn Babel stages. The toughest was Axis Mundi, just frustrating when I get to 100+ steps, then the next 10 attempts, I can't even break 50.
  6. Finally beat Alter. Got to 117 steps on Axis Mundi, ugh!
  7. Yes. You don't even have to get gold on all the stages on Easy, you just have to beat them. I beat Easy without getting gold on any of them and I was able to do the stages on Hard(on Vincents phone) without any problems in the next playthrough.
  8. Looking for someone to do Bullseye and Ninjas with me. For the Bullseye achievement, you'll need to be a bit patient with me if I mess up haha. But my GT is Deadmeist3r
  9. Yeah, I was on a roll with the achievements in this game; then I played Babel. I guess that's the end of that. First stage, got to 100 steps after multiple attempts. Next stage I got to 20 steps. I didn't try Obelisk; tried Axis, got to what? 8 steps and I was just like eff this.
  10. Thanks, the reason I ask is because I wasn't sure at first if I could skip the last stage(9-6) as well. If I had to go through that every time on hard(for the endings), I would have just went for all gold on easy to save me the trouble.
  11. If I get all gold on hard, when I start up an easy playthrough, will I be able to skip the stages or do I have to get all gold on easy mode?
  12. For someone that is average at puzzle games, do you think I even have a remote chance of getting 1000/1000 in this game? I mean where would you put the estimated difficulty if you used videos?
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