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  1. Yep, same here, I need complete warrior as well. My gamertag is Deadmeist3r.
  2. I need all the online achievements as well. GT: Deadmeist3r
  3. Can anyone help me do Quality Time real quick? It's the very last achievement I need. GT: Deadmeist3r
  4. Test Drive Unlimited 2 Halo Reach Dead Rising 2 Brink Two Worlds 2 Fallout New Vegas Max Payne 3 Ghost Recon Future Soldier Splatterhouse
  5. Bad Company 2 definitely. You have to work as a team, kills are all earned and there are more ways than one to earn points. In Modern Warfare 2, it's become the battle of the killstreaks.
  6. Got from 40 to 43 tonight(close to 44) and nope, no new maps whatsoever. Went from a couple games of Civil War, to Capture the Sister, to Adam Grab and Kill Em Kindly.
  7. Looking to boost the new maps achievements. Will get on around 2 pm EST today. GT: Deadmeist3r
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