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  1. I dont see anything I PM a mod when he tells me to, response? NO Not ONE mod said that it was a community thing for my guide to go down, (when if they put it back up it was ONE person negative) the only mod said that HE felt... HE... as in singular as in he took it upon himself to play god
  2. Most of the commands only work in Kinect Hub other then the command to take you to Kinect Hub obviously works at the Dash
  3. Fox is my hero!!!! he can make himself look like a douche not once but TWICE!!
  4. I did he didnt respond including that mod a total of 3-4 people dont like it opposed to the 10-12 that did comment on it positively so I feel as tho I was wrongfulyl not given a chance
  5. What is the excuse for deleting my first thread that had the guide that everyone liked until duch mcbagger spammed it?
  6. Hey there he is!!!! this guy lol *cuckles*
  7. No my guide was deleted before a good 2-3 days before another guide was put up I know what happened the guy that spammed my thread is butt-buddies with a mod so he probably got on his knees to delete the thread
  8. Dude that was a lot of typing I do not have it copied (which I should have)
  9. I only noticed it because I was talking to my wife and bam the 360 started doing its own thing
  10. what trouble? I am having educated conversations with moderators and members (only negative comments are to the duchbaggery that probably got on his knees to get my thread deleted)
  11. no actually they like the guide that you and one other duchbag claim is half asses if you look for yourself (your a mod so I am guessing you can look at threads even after they are closed) besides that one idiot, there were probably 15ish positive comments and 2 pages of him bitch
  12. List of Xbox 360 Kinect Voice Commands You have to say Xbox before each command Example: "Xbox Open Tray" - Opens the tray - Open Tray (only if there's no disc insterted) - Opens Tray - Kinect - Opens Kinect Hub - Dashboard - Takes you back to dashboard - ESPN - Starts ESPN - Zune - Starts Zune Marketplace - Video Kinect - Starts Video Kinect - Trailer - Starts Trailer - Dance Central - Starts Game trailer - Play Game (disc) - launches game - Next - Takes you to next blade - Previous - Takes you to previous blade - Sign In - Signs you in - Achievements - shows lists of achievements - Friends - shows friends list - Face Id - starts Face ID - Yes - Cancel - No - Last Fm - Starts Last FM Last FM specific commands - Love - hearts song - Ban - bans song - Next - skips song - Play - plays playlist
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