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  1. i did exactly this and it worked to perfection after about 10 tries. i also had it on heisman but i was throwing too many INTs so i switched it to freshman and got the acheev
  2. i used TCU also.. i read that alot of ppl used TCU and within 3 seasons they were invited. I simmed each game and made sure i won. i got into a BCS championship game and won in the first season and i got the invitation for the Big 12. was really surprised it was that fast.. i was expecting to sim a few seasons!
  3. this is such a lame acheev.. i tippy toe out of bounce on a PA pass but wont tippy toe in the EZ
  4. the exact same thing happened to me just now LOL. took me about 8 tries lol (yea i know).. but then i threw and the merciless speed acheev popped and just for the hell of it i threw a 2nd grenade and the Five birds with one boom popped.. cant complain either!
  5. that is the first time ive ever heard of such award lol. i dont even know how to get it or what i have to do.
  6. or even a Mr./Mrs. Potato Head suit LOL
  7. absolutely right.. no case is shorter than one hour. depending on how thorough u want to be, could give or take a good chunk of minutes. open ended door = a 4th CSI game! =]
  8. yay! lol... cases 2-5 were written specifically for the case acheev itself and any acheevs connected with it. As for the 100% skill, thoroughness, and cunning.. i highly suggest using CASE 1 Walkthrough becuz he wrote it specifically targeted the 100% stuff. and like insanity said....utilize the save function abusively lol.
  9. weeeeeeeeeeeelp. i am a girl first and foremost LOL. and yes, I would like to think that my walkthrough will get u the acheevs for the cases, as I wrote them step by step as I was playing the case brand new.
  10. i cannot confirm if the other "guide" on this forum is spot on, becuz I already had these unlocked by the time I read his work in progress. I figured it could be helpful (if it is true to work) and others could confirm or deny it. So I would go with the ps3 guide then lol..
  11. funny, becuz as soon as i commented on this thread, the achievements unlocked. but I was reading on the other "guide" how to obtain them. supposedly it is still a work in progress for him, but it is information that was not stated in this guide. so i found it helpful. Potato Party 40g Unlock all Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head costumes. -Play each of the games once to unlock the "Hemingways" costume for Mr. and Mrs. Oh So Shiny 40g Unlock all Theme Park Plaza Statues. It's a Beautiful World 40g Unlock all Theme Park Plaza Building Parts. - Play the full remix version of each game to unlock the corresponding building art. Plaza Party 40g Unlock all Theme Park Plaza Mascots. -Play the full game of each game once to unlock a corresponding mascot.
  12. yes, absolutely! I tried to re-iterate in the "walkthrough" that it wasnt neccessarily a "guide", it is more so to keep u on track for the case. but yes, i have no problem with you using it. thanks for asking!

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