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  1. I finally got everything on 1 character. I did put an unusual amount of time doing mindless button mashing though (probably equivalent to 8-10 or more dedicated playthroughs or close to 100+ hours in all). I don't know how it happened or if stats had a role in it. I had well over 1.5 million xp earned, close to 3000 purifers killed, and 50+ of everything else killed. I also decided to put all of magneto's gear on and relayed mission 7 (since it is so short and has tons of easily accessible genes). It seemed faster than playing the equivalent of 5 or so challenges (except for annoying cutscenes) and I was hoping getting so many x genes in succession would finally lead to the cyclops drops I needed instead of playing individual challenges for x genes 1 at a time.
  2. I spent days replaying different levels and challenges to finally get every possible dosair and proproganda (I know not required for all 50 achievements but I have ocd). Im stuck at 44/45 x genes and 18/19 suits but keep getting xp mutators. I am missing cyclops suit and cyclops offensive x gene. I will go insane if I see another xp mutator!!! I googled and found on herohq forums someone post that cyclops and magneto suit/genes are the rarest two in the game. Is this true or is there a way to get them? I rather shoot myself than button mash for another 100 hours just to hope these last 2 items to drop.
  3. does anyone know how/where to get the secret achievement "fist of the northstar" i know you're suppose to save northstar from being mindcontrolled, but i don't know where and how to do it.
  4. need help getting the meeting people is easy achievement. any 3 others want in or some people who already got it want to help?
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