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  1. I just want a few more and I'll be happy, you know 500 wins, finish hard with a controller, Damn one song still.
  2. Go for it! I just want to finish ONE one hard career already, damn controller
  3. I really enjoyed the game, I didn't focus on achievements though. I followed the story. Hoping for an Alan Wake 2.
  4. I always love playing with the standard controller, so much more fun as I can player higher difficulties. Just stuck on ONE (Hard) for hard career.
  5. Or maybe we're all sims and the person controlling us deleted that move? mmm?
  6. Bioshock, Assassins creed, Fallout, Skyrim and maybe Mass Effect?
  7. World War Z, it's living up to what I've heard.
  8. Something about it being abandoned adds to the beauty I feel.
  9. In Gears of war 2, I was mid-roll when Marcus no scoped me across the map with the longshot
  10. I'm only a social drinker, drink most weekends with mates. Only a couple of drinks too. Canadian Club mostly.
  11. Well I can finally have an early night tonight, after trying to get one since Tuesday and being late to work Thursday from sleeping in. I kind of just want to have a night to myself but tomorrow family are coming over for dinner, so woo for being social.
  12. If we're talking L4D zombies, maybe a couple of hours before a tank ruins me haha. The Walking Dead zombies, maybe a bit longer, possibly a few months. Really just depends on so many things, the weather, will I met others, who I go with and what weapons I have available to me.
  13. You want breakfast, you gotta catch it!
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