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  1. Has anyone ever got through one game show to the final question and answered everything correctly in one go with just your current knowledge and skill? That means not having to answer the same question twice within the whole game where you actually remember it. Personally, as someone who really would like to have vast knowledge of all the subjects covered during my elementary school days, I have been trying to do just that, but there are some very very difficult questions. Games like this really makes you want to restudy these things.
  2. There was a site I went to before I bought it because I wanted the best deal with more content and extras. I believe the GOTY Edition only ever came out in the UK, same with another one that had different content inside. Then in the US there was the Original Disc-only, then Deluxe only available for download on PC, then there was the one with the badly-painted figurine which was available only through UbiSoft's website as I recall.
  3. You can just go to the Main Menu and select the cases you have done so far, check the last known case you did and refinish the final case that does not include the DLC, you might want to check the Rockstar Website and ask them about it, call their helpline or something. I would ask you to try to delete the DLC, but that might make things more complicated and mess up your saved files. They do still have massive glitches with their game too, cars disappear or appear out of nowhere, your partner can get stuck in a tree, on a fence, brick wall, in a garage, in the ground, your own character can get glitched up too sometimes. This was one of the only games I think the Rockstar team really has not power-tested very well.
  4. If I told you my actual sites, I would be kicked off. Haha jk. Youtube Amazon Ebay My personal Site that I have been designing, forum and all. Alltheweb.com (no longer exists, but I still use the URL, so in reality yahoo.com)
  5. For real Anime Otaku, even though I am not considered one myself, I am just a small fan of true anime not popularized by American Television. It could be an American released anime, just not released on Television in the US. Kannazuki no Miko Ghost Hunt Ragnarok Tokyo Babylon Rumbling Hearts
  6. Kazuya Shibuya (Ghost Hunt) Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin) Aisha Clan Clan (Outlaw Star) Kohaku (Spirited Away) Takayuki (Rumbling Hearts) I would have told off Japanese names from some of the Japanese Subbed shows, but many I couldn't really remember.
  7. 100% favorite is still FFIX 2nd Favorite Legend of Legaia - Amazing Kung-Fu style RPG game for PSX 3rd Would likely be GTA Vice City 4th Starcraft Brood War 5th Final Fantasy III (Almost tied with Super Mario RPG)
  8. Starcraft original + Brood War since the original's release till death date a couple months after SCII came out. Not many people on there anymore. Final Fantasy IX I spent roughly a few years, literally beating it over and over again till the chocobos in my head started singing. Elder Scrolls Oblivion, I kept finding glitches that stuff that never let me finish some quests, kept trying to 100% it, still been trying to complete everything and it's been like that since release. FlyFF because it was my girlfriend's favorite game other than WoW. 5th and final longest is probably Kal Online cause of the assassin masks for that game, they took the masks out, half of my entire group quit, including me!
  9. Actually, if the price drops down like that on used games, you realise the potential for stock will decrease, and lead gamestop into a gamecrazy fashion (gamecrazy/hollywood video), and lead to those guys eventually going bankrupt too....an extreme possibility... Might happen, might not.... I would be hurting myself though...
  10. I don't think that would really happen...maybe the rest, but this here would be far-fetched, because those companies are about making money off games during launch, because that's the biggest potential for money, is buying that $60 game, plus anything in the add-ons, any new DLC coming out, etc.. I buy maybe 90% of my games used, and only new if I think I will love it. Plus, think about gamefly, it would hardly sell any more of those games used, and will be renting out very little of those games that have the $10 'used fee'. I use gamefly for almost all my used games because it's up to 80% off from what the market price is, and so this would just really drive me up the wall, not allowing me to buy some good used games, since I have a strict flow of cash going out for bills, which allow me only up to $100 a month to spend on food and anything else, since I'm the only one working in my family, with 5 of us living here, and then to pay $10 on each game because those companies are nearly broke? Also.....if other companies decide... "Oh, these guys will pay for anything as long as they can play something" then every major company will charge... And people I think would still sell used games at what they sell them at now. You would likely have Bungie, Bioware, Activision, Capcom, Konami.....and many others think of it as a 'new route to go', and later on in a few more years charge more and more... That is how this whole "$60" game got started from the old "$20" PSX games, and the hours they work on almost every game is usually half than most RPGs on the PSX, and cost less in many cases. If I see a game like that, I might have to pay the $10 to borrow from a friend and play anyways....so what would be the point avoiding it, I just won't get the 1000 on that game, and leave it in the dust.
  11. Robotron 2084 I have not seen on the xbox live arcade in months, has it been removed from the marketplace? I wanted to download it soooooo bad because of the tough achievements... I think it's not on the thing anymore....so should be removed, or at least leave a side-bar saying it was removed...? one of the toughest achievements on the 360 I think, and now I won't experience the joy to try to earn it... =/
  12. Try GTA IV, Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2... Prototype is pretty awesome too, but my selection of games not bored with is limited too. I can help you with most multiplayer achievements in GTA and RSV.
  13. Hello, I am Don Moriarty on the xbox 360, known for years on there. Born and raised in Cali, and always await a good challenge on multiplayer games, usually up for boosting games for the achievements I find difficult, I am always up for meeting new people, new friends, have had always close to 100 friends on the 360 since the first week, since it's just my way to add everyone I like haha. Favorite games are: Rainbow Six Vegas 1 & 2, GTA IV, CoD sometimes, Oblivion, and others only once in a while. Favorite types: FPS/RPG I have over 170 xbox 360 games (singles), and over a collection of 1000 single games across all systems +PC. I'm on the 360 often, but often take a break for work, going out, and friends. Gamerscore: Only 30,505 but I would love to raise it up in hopes to get over 100k, and I will help others too who would like to get the same height in gamer cred. Anything else you would like to know, feel free to ask, as I am always on here, and have numerous games to which I can help any person for boosting. Thank you! Have a nice game time!
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